LG launches its innovative network monitors in India

LG launches its innovative network monitors in IndiaThe “life’s good” technology company – LG has launched its innovative “network monitors” offering multi-user computing solution via one standard PC, in the Indian market. According to LG, the “network monitors” have been mainly designed to provide a low-cost solution to the PC replacement cycle.
Superb convergence of smart technology and elegant design, the new LG Network Monitors offer multi-user computing solution, enabling up to 31 users to compute simultaneously. Generally, less than 10 percent of the computing power of a PC (personal computer) normally consumed at any given time.

The new LG Network Monitors require power consumption of only 1Watt per user. With one time automatic upgrade, the LG Network Monitors save up to 70 percent of the maintenance cost. Offering ease of maintenance through one main pc, the LG Network Monitors help removing virus in 10 network monitors.

The new LG Network Monitors are capable of redistributing the remaining 90 percent of a PC's resources to multiple users, and simultaneously, thereby, cutting the TCO up to 60 percent. The LG Network Monitors allow as many as 11 users to share a single PC for a total cost of Rs. 10,400 to Rs. 11,800.