Beliefnet to post Hindu viewpoint on "The Love Guru"

Beliefnet to post Hindu viewpoint on "The Love Guru"Washington, June 5 : Beliefnet, one of the world's largest spiritual websites, has agreed to post an article explaining the Hindu viewpoint on the upcoming Hollywood movie "The Love Guru".

Hindu groups had earlier asked Beliefnet to stop promoting the movie, which they said "hurts the Hindu and the spiritual community".

Michael Kress, the Managing Editor of Beliefnet, in a communiqué to Bhavna Shinde, who represents the Hindu Janjagruti Samiti and the Sanatan Society for Scientific Spirituality, said, "We hope that by featuring this opinion alongside others, our readers can be better informed about the issues you are raising and decide for themselves what to believe and how to act in this case."

Shinde in an earlier communiqué to Beliefnet had said, "We are appalled that a well-respected spiritual website like Beliefnet is openly promoting this movie that hurts the Hindu and spiritual community, contradicting Beliefnet's published mission statement."

Protesting agaisnt the denigrating content of the movie and Beliefnet's promotiong it, Shinde further said: "We urge Beliefnet to stop promoting the movie, till Paramount has made the necessary changes to the movie. This will also ensure continued respect from Hindus and other spiritual believers for Beliefnet.

Launched in 1999, Beliefnet is part of the Fox Entertainment Group, which is a division of News Corporation.

Steven Waldman is the President and Editor-in-Chief. Stated to be the largest online community for spirituality and inspiration, Beliefnet claims to have about three million unique visitors each month and a daily email newsletter readership of nearly 11 million subscribers. It has a partnership with Time magazine and ABC News. (ANI)

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