Taiwan singer accuses Indian film of plagiarizing his music

Taipei - A Taiwan singer accused Indian filmmakers of plagiarizing his music and is seeking 10 million Taiwan dollars (320,000 US dollars) in damages, his agent said Wednesday.

Wang Lee-hom, 33, a US-born singer popular throughout South-East Asia, is seeking damages from Tips Films, distributor of the Hindi film Race, which was released in March, Sony BMG Music Entertainment Ltd said.

Sony BMG said it reserves the right to take legal action against Race's distributor for plagiarism.

"The lead song in Race, Zara Zara Touch Me, resembles Wang's song Deep in the Bamboo Grove (Chu Lin Shen Chu)," Sony BMG said in a statement. "Its rhythm and tempo are similar to that of Deep in the Bamboo Grove. The similarity is nearly 100 per cent."

Race has been shown in India, the United States, Britain, Australia and Malaysia, and its original soundtrack has been released in those countries.

Deep in the Bamboo Grove is part of Wang's CD The Sun and Moon in My Heart, a collection of 12 Chinese-language songs released in December 2004. The song mixes a Tibetan woman's singing with hip hop and Chinese drums and flutes. (dpa)


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