Meryl Streep credits sculptor hubby for marital bliss

London, January 9 : Meryl Streep has her husband''s career as an artist to thank for her happy marriage.

The veteran actress, whose union with sculptor Don Gummer has lasted over 30 years, believes her husband’s creative side has much to do with their surviving relationship.

"Think being married to an actor is hard? Try being married to an artist,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying.

“But my husband does understand the deal: the serial fixation actors have with their work. It would be different if I were married to a lawyer or someone less freelance.

"Artists wrangle their passions to make a living. I never have to say, ''It''s not you, I''m just thinking about this film now and it''s driving me crazy.'' Because often it is the same for him," she added.

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