Metro’s new railcars roll out at Franconia-Springfield station

According to Metro, its new railcars started operating on the Blue Line on Tuesday. According to officials, eight out of the system's first 7000-series rolled out at the Franconia-Springfield station. Metro said that these new cars are better from safety point of view and have better performance in crash tests than previous models.

According to Metro Board Chair Mort Downey, safety is their priority and investment in their railcar fleet indicates that. As per Downey, the 7000-series cars are symbol of a considerable improvement in reliability, safety and rider comfort. Downey added that he is excited to welcome their customers aboard on behalf of the Metro Board of Directors.

The new cars have been made on basis of new technologies that are future of the current railcars being used all through the District. Metro stated in a press release that the new railcars will be all digital.

According to Metro Interim General Manager and CEO Jack Requa, "The 7000-series is an entirely new generation of railcars at Metro - a fleet that is, by design, revolutionary as opposed to evolutionary. The cars were built to maximize safety while providing enhanced rider comfort and reliability".

Order of 528 is sufficient to remove all of the 1000- and 4000- series and increase the amount of Metro cars by 128. According to Metro, safety is important in relation to the 7000- series cars. Many changes will help ensure safety such as these railcars have been made according to improved crash worthiness standards. Event recorders have also been installed to meet federal requirements.

Safety standards from the National Fire Protection Association and the American Public Transportation Association have also been included in order to meet fire safety standards.