Monsoon likely to set in on 30th May

Monsoon-KeralaThe Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced that the monsoon is expected to start in 30th of May. It has predicted that southwest monsoon may set in over Kerala on end of this month itself. They have also said that the tolerance of this forecast may be plus or minus four days.

The IMD said announced this, in a recent press release. It has also said that the flow of monsoon is expected to appear over the Andaman Sea by coming week. It is also likely to cover the entire sea by 20th of this month.

The IMD had forecasted that the monsoon to arrive on 26th May last year but it was arrived on 3 days earlier i. e. on 23rd of May. In 2008 they had forecasted to come on 29th of May and the monsoon started on 31st May 31.

The country is anticipating having a good rain this year after last year's poor records of rain. India is highly dependant on the rain fall for its agriculture. Good rain will help the country in checking the inflation rate under its control.