NASA scientist ridicules the rumors of “Universe ending”

John-C-MatherThere are loads of rumors floating here and there these days that universe is going to end in 2012. However, we now have a reason to relax as on Tuesday, NASA scientist and Nobel Prize winner for Physics Dr John C Mather assured that there is no scientific proof of the universe coming to an end.

Mather, who had a healthy interaction with students of SRM University, under which he explained the Big Bang theory among other things, replied to a question referring to speculation on the end of the world that there was no reason to believe it.

But when one of students asked if cosmic radiation led to global warming, Mather blamed "human causes" for it.

While discussing about NASA's Mission Europa, Mather expressed that it was mesmerizing to find the moon of Jupiter with water floating on top of the rocky core and ice on the surface of water.

Already the studies have commenced and will take nearly 15 to 20 years from now for the mission to launch. The "Mars Science Lander" is the next mission of NASA. Under this mission, the Lander will be equipped with a huge science lab to do chemical and geological tests in Mars. Mather informed that there are planning going on for a small mission to go to Venus as well.

Mather feels it is very important for the Indian government to support youngsters and their temperament for research in science, if it wants the nation to produce Nobel Prize winners. He added that it important for us to have a healthy approach to science, thinking and learning.

Mather specified, "Young people's ideas are important, especially those under the age of 30. We have to make sure that opportunities for young people with creative ideas are recognized and supported." He concluded that the next greatest discovery will be by the younger generation.

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