New Test To Let Males Test Sperm Count From Home

New Test To Let Males Test Sperm Count From HomeMales could shortly be capable of testing their sperm count at their homes, all thanks to a new technology from the University of Virginia.

Around 10 minutes and few drops of semen will provide males with an accurate and easy method to check their sperm count.

The test, which is named as SpermCheck Fertility got nod from the Food and Drug Administration during the last month (May 2010) and will be available online in July, and in pharmacies later in the year.

John Herr, inventor of the test and professor of cell biology at the University of Virginia, stated, "One of the impediments to male fertility testing is that men are reluctant to go to the doctor or to deal with the whole question of their fertility. This test allows the assessment of male fertility to occur in the privacy of the home. It's another step that hopefully will give men a greater chance to control and understand their reproductive functions."

Even though male childlessness is an issue in 40% of infertile couples, fertility testing is still predominantly focused on women, Herr said.

Herr claimed that the examination could hopefully bring more gender equity to fertility testing.

The examination has over 95% accuracy whether sperm concentration is in the normal range, subfertile range or if the subject may be infertile.

These ranges are in line with the WHO's guidelines for male fertility.

Though the test makes it easier for men to begin investigating their fertility, it can only assess part of the problem. (With Inputs from Agencies)

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