Samsung troubles with Galaxy Note 7 continues

New Delhi[ India], Oct. 10 : Smartphone giant Samsung said that they are adjusting the production output of Galaxy Note 7 to "ensure" quality following more reports of these smartphones catching fire.

In a statement last month, Samsung said that the issue of overheating is caused by a "rare" manufacturing error that resulted in the battery's "anode-to-cathode [negative and positive electrodes]" coming into contact.

Last week, a domestic flight in the United States had to be evacuated after a replacement Note 7 started emitting smoke in the cabin. A man in Kentucky reportedly woke up to a bedroom full of smoke from a replaced Note 7 in another incident.

Samsung said it has understood the concerns of carriers and consumers about the newly released replacement Note 7 devices.

Samsung's move comes after a spate of fresh reports of overheating and fires with phones that have been distributed to replace the original devices, which also had a risk of catching fire.

The move came as two US networks stopped replacing or selling the phone.The South Korean firm issued a recall of the smartphone in September and assured customers last month that the fixed devices were safe.

But there have now been several reports of phones that have been replaced and deemed safe starting to emit smoke.

The South Korean tech giant's shares have fallen almost four percent in early Asian trade.(ANI)

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