NZ police force to be equipped with iPhones and iPads

NZ police force to be equipped with iPhones and iPadsAfter an 11-month long pilot program to ascertain how the police force can make use of new mobile technologies, the New Zealand Police has decided to make a lump-sum investment of NZ$4.3 million and NZ$159 million, in the coming one decade, to roll out Apple iPhones and iPads to its officers.

According to the information shared by the New Zealand Police, the roll out process will initially be for three months, during which 6,086 police officers will be handed out smartphones as well as tablets.

The move to equip the police force with new mobile technologies is part of New Zealand's Better Public Services program; and will not only help save time, but will also lessen the workload of on-duty officers.

Elaborating that equipping the police force with new mobile technologies is expected to result in time savings of 30 minutes per officer per shift, the New Zealand Police said that the move will likely deliver 520,000 additional frontline hours to the police force.

About the move, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said in a statement that the use of mobile technology implies that "officers will be able to check offenders' details (like photographs and bail conditions) where and when they need to," instead of driving to a police station for accessing the requisite information or using the police radio.

Key further added: "This means more time to focus on stopping crime and protecting communities, and less time each day on administration duties at their desks."

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