OnePlus to resume sales in India in wake of court order

OnePlusWashington, Dec 25 - Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus is set to resume sales in India after a court in New Delhi upheld a complaint filed by rival company Micromax.

After Micromax nabbed an exclusive deal with Cyanogen in India for Yu, its new Android range, it objected to the sale of OnePlus smartphones that also make use of the Cyanogen Android operating system for powering its phones in all countries except China.

According to Tech Crunch, the New Delhi court plans to hear the case again on January 7 and has ordered OnePlus and Cyanogen to file written statements and documents before then, according to The Economic Times

OnePlus will now be allowed to sell its existing stock in India but afterwards, it will only sell compliant devices.

OnePlus learnt about the Cyanogen- Micromax deal less than a week before it launched its own phones in India.

Co-founder Carl Pei said that the company was working on its own version of android that will replace Cyanogen and will be rolled out next year. (ANI)