Parents in Surat claim polio drops killed infant

A two-month-old baby girl was died of high fever and infection. But its parents have claimed that the child died after taking the polio drops. They have said that the baby died after 48 hours of taking the polio drops. The local civic authorities in Surat have provided the polio medicine.

However, authorities have denied the allegation saying the baby girl was died of high fever.

The girl named Khusbhu of Sriram society at Amroli had high fever and infection. She was then taken to private clinic and later has been forwarded to the civil hospital where she breathes her last. Her parents have given some tablets to control the fever but the condition was so bad to save her as per the hospital officials.

As per the father of the baby, the tablets were given by the health workers. He has accused the health workers of providing outdated vaccines. Then the baby girl has also taken polio drops.

But the Deputy municipal commissioner Hemant Desai of SMC has refused that the vaccine was out dated and also the cause of death is due to the dose of polio drops.