Pennsylvania: Imprisonment to Man with HIV for Having Unprotected Sex with 3 Women
Pennsylvania: Imprisonment to Man with HIV for Having Unprotected Sex

On Wednesday, a Pennsylvania man with HIV came to know the consequences of having unprotected sex when he was sentenced 33 to 66 months in jail. This is the second time when he has been sentenced imprisonment for the offense.

The 26-year-old man, Ricky Webster, found guilty for having unprotected sex with three women without telling them about his HIV. Webster from Wilson will also face 24 months of probation. During sentencing, the man expressed remorse, but the judge decided not to amend the decision.

“This ranks among the most cowardly of human acts. What he did, what Ricky Webster did, was to steal the lives of these young girls”, said Senior Judge Leonard N. Zito. Nobody from Mr. Webster’s side commented on the imprisonment.

According to reports, Webster, who was born with HIV, once featured in reports showing kids spending life with the deadly virus. It is not clear whether the man was receiving any treatment to reduce the virus that causes AIDS or not. The AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, although Pennsylvania doesn’t have any law that criminalizes the transmission of the virus, some general laws can be implemented in cases like Webster’s.

Lehigh Valley Live reported that the three women who have been found to have unprotected sex with Webster are not tested positive for HIV, but the testing period is still not expired. Before this, Mr. Webster was sentenced in 2014 four years imprisonment for not telling two of his sexual partners about his condition.

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