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Mystery man sends flowers to Chantelle Houghton everyday

Chantelle-HoughtonLondon, March 5 : Model Chantelle Houghton gets flowers every day from a secret admirer and says that she finds it flattering.

"I got them this morning. They had little diamonds in the middle of each rose! They're beautiful," New! magazine quoted Houghton as saying.

"I've asked the florist who they're from, but the bloke keeps laughing. Even when I've pressed them, they won't give me any details. They said they can't. I do have an inkling who they're from, but I don't know if they definitely are. It must be costing him an arm and a leg," the 29-year-old added.

Chantelle Houghton gets muddy to lose post pregnancy weight

Chantelle-HoughtonLondon, Dec 28 : Alex Reids former fiance Chantelle Houghton was spotted wading through thick mud, while working out at a boot camp in Norfolk.

The 29-year-old Television personality, who earlier made public revelations about her turbulent relationship with ex Reid, is trying hard to lose the extra two stones of pregnancy weight she had gained, as she was seen sweating out with all-body mud mask at the fitness camp, the Daily Mail reported.

Reid, Chantelle to start family

Reid, Chantelle to start familyLondon, Aug 31 - Cage fighter Alex Reid and girlfriend Chantelle Houghton are planning to have children soon despite only dating for four months.

"We have discussed having kids, of course we have. It's fast-forwarded things a bit. It's not the sort of conversation you normally have when you have only been together for four months. We haven't put any pressure on each other," contactmusic. com quoted Reid as saying.

‘Big Brother’ winner Chantelle Houghton joins Peter Andre on his daughter’s b’day bash

London, July 6 : Peter Andre has fuelled rumours he's dating `Celeb Big Brother' winner Chantelle Houghton after the singer invited her to his daughter's birthday bash.

Houghton attended a Barbie-themed bash for two-year-old Princess Tiaamii in a move that has left Andre's estranged wife Katie Price a. k. a Jordan fuming.

The glamour model is said to have been banned from the party after her recent wild antics.

"She is terrified Chantelle could become Pete's girlfriend and start playing mum to her kids," the Daily Star quoted an insider as saying.

However, Pete, 36, and Chantelle, 25, have denied being an item. (ANI)

Chantelle Houghton hates her big boobs

London, Apr 14 : Former Celebrity Big Brother star Chantelle Houghton's love for bigger boobs has turned sore.

The 25-year-old beauty, who went under the knife to pump up her assets from a B to an E cup, now admits she made a big mistake as her new boobs put her in pain.

"I''ve gone from a B to an E, but they''re just too big," the Sun quoted her as telling Heat magazine.

"Now I just want to hide them. I thought I wanted to go up to that size, and I loved them at the time, but now I wish I''d never had them done," she added.

She also has to have physiotherapy twice a week to combat the constant backache her big breasts have given her. (ANI)

Chantelle Houghton says she didn’t date Jermain Defoe for money

London, Mar 29 : Big Brother beauty Chantelle Houghton has revealed that she dated her ex-beau, football star Jermain Defoe, for love and not for the big bucks he earned.

In a recent interview, Chantelle revealed how bad it could be to be a WAG, and why she eventually left the England ace.

The reality TV star said that she initially thought that she had found her dream man in the bed-hopping footballer.

She revealed that Defoe showered her with gifts worth thousands, and even introduced her to his mum.

However, she added, the footballer’s cheating ways compelled her to end their relationship.

Chantelle Houghton sports AstroTurf bikini on a beach

London, Mar 9 : British `Celebrity Big Brother' star Chantelle Houghton was seen sporting what appeared to be an AstroTurf bikini as she soaked in the sun on a beach.

Houghton, 25, was photographed showing off her 32DD breasts in a footie-themed kit on a break in Mexico.

"Chantelle was turning heads with her body - and stomachs with her swimwear. It looked like moss on her chest," the News of the World quoted a beachgoer as saying.

Houghton has recently reunited with English footballer Jermain Defoe, 26, after she dumped him for being a "tough guy to trust". (ANI)

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