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Biden worried over world’s “exceedingly high expectations” from Obama

Biden worried over world’s “exceedingly high expectations” from ObamaWashington, Dec 24 : US Vice President-elect Joe Biden has expressed his concerns about the "exceedingly high expectations" the world community has for Barack Obama's presidency.

According to a report in the Politico, the statement was made by Biden in an interview with CNN's Larry King.

US Prez has authority to launch nuke strike without anyone’s permission: Cheney

Washington, Dec 22 : US Vice President Dick Cheney has said that aggressive prosecution of the War on Terror was a major reason that the nation hasn't been attacked in seven years of Bush Administration's rule, adding that President George W Bush has the authority to launch a nuclear strike the world has never seen.

In an interview to FOX News, Cheney, a 40-year veteran of Washington politics, tried to straighten out a few misconceptions about his tenure and the way the executive and legislative branches are supposed to work.

He said the 1973 War Powers Act is a violation of the Constitution because Congress does not have the right by statute to alter presidential constitutional power.

Biden warns economy in danger of "absolutely tanking"

Biden warns economy in danger of "absolutely tanking"Washington  - US vice president-elect Joe Biden warned in a television interview that the economy is in danger of "absolutely tanking."

"The economy is in much worse shape than we thought it was in," Biden told ABC News in an interview to air Sunday morning. He called for an economic stimulus package of 600 billion to 700 billion dollars.

"There is no short run other than keeping the economy from absolutely tanking. That's the only short run," Biden said according to excerpts made public before the broadcast.

Obama, Biden to take train to Washington for inauguration

Obama, Biden to take train to Washington for inaugurationWashington, Dec. 16 : Barack Obama and Joe Biden will take a page out of American history in the second week of January, 2009, when they make their journey to Washington by train to launch the ceremonial run-up to Inauguration Day on January 20.

According to the New York Daily News, the trip along the silver rails from Philadelphia to Washington will evoke President Abraham Lincoln''s inaugural ride.

Obama began his historic presidential run in the Great Emancipator''s hometown of Springfield, Illinois, in February 2007.

Biden determined to shrink US vice-president’s role

Joe BidenWashington, Dec. 15 (ANI): Incoming US Vice-President Joe Biden is reported to be laying out plans to significantly shrink the role of the vice presidency in Barack Obama's White House.

An official familiar with his thinking told Politico, that Biden won't sit in on Senate Democrats' weekly caucus meetings, won't have an office outside the House floor, will not begin every day with his own intelligence briefing before sitting in on the president's, will not always be the last person Obama speaks to before making a decision.

Biden beats Obama in the race for a White House pooch!

Biden beats Obama in the race for a White House pooch!Washington, Dec 12 : It was not just Barack Obama who promised his daughters a puppy if he stuck it out through the presidential election - Vice President-elect Joe Biden too was given the same word by his wife, it has emerged.

According to a local newspaper report, Biden picked out a German shepherd pup last weekend from a breeder near his Delaware home.

Biden was promised the post-election dog by Jill, who would tape pictures of different dogs on the back of the seat in front of Biden on his campaign plane, according to reports.