Jose Socrates

Portuguese Socialists pursuing minority government

Portuguese Socialists pursuing minority governmentLisbon  - Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates will attempt to rule through a minority government, he announced late Thursday after coalition talks collapsed.

He accused the entire opposition of refusing to engage in "dialogue" without preconditions.

Socrates heads the social-democratic Socialist Party (PS), which won a plurality of 36.5 per cent in September 27 parliamentary elections but lost its 2005 absolute majority.

Socrates appointed premier, strengthens position in local poll

Socrates appointed premier, strengthens position in local poll Lisbon - Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva Monday designated Socialist leader Jose Socrates as prime minister following his victory in the September 27 parliamentary elections, while Socrates' party reinforced its position in Sunday's local elections.

Cavaco Silva appointed Socrates prime minister and tasked him with submitting his second government programme to parliament.

Portugal fears instability as Socrates prepares to form government

jose-socratesLisbon - Portuguese analysts on Monday warned about political instability as Prime Minister-elect Jose Socrates was preparing to form his second government after winning Sunday's parliamentary elections.

Socrates' Socialists took a clear victory, but lost their absolute majority in parliament.

President Anibal Cavaco Silva was expected to ask Socrates to form a new government.

Socrates said overnight he would start talks with the other parties and that it was too early to say whether he would govern alone or with others.

Jose Socrates, the charming reformer

Jose Socrates, the charming reformerLisbon  - Portugal's outgoing Socialist Prime Minister Jose Socrates seemed to have been born to win, but he now faces a strong challenge from the conservative opposition in Sunday's elections.

Portugal's economic crisis and corruption allegations have weakened the position of the 52-year-old premier, whose self-confidence sometimes appears to border on arrogance.

Known for his designer suits and smooth manner, Socrates has been dubbed "Sunny Boy" and "Portugal's George Clooney."

Portugal's Prime Minister Socrates survives vote of no confidence

Portugal's Prime Minister Socrates survives vote of no confidence Lisbon - Prime Minister Jose Socrates late Wednesday survived a vote of no confidence in parliament, dealing a blow to the ambitions of the right-wing conservative opposition just months before elections.

Socrates survived with 120 negative votes from his social democrats - the Socialist Party (PS) - against 78 members who voted for the no-confidence bid.

There were 22 abstentions from the Greens and left wing parties. It was the fourth vote of no-confidence that Socrates has survived since taking office.(dpa)

India, EU To Finalize ‘Trade And Investment’ Pact By Dec 2008

Manmohan SinghNew Delhi: India and the European Union (EU) on Friday have settled conclusively to speed up the discussion towards settling down the pact by Dec 2008.

At a combined press meeting with Portugese Prime Minister Jose Socrates, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said, “We are engaged in negotiations over a broad-based trade and investment agreement with the EU. I am hopeful that by the next summit it will be in place.”

“Both sides want to recognise that the agreement must be ambitious and more broad-based,” Mr. Socrates said.

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