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Julia Roberts was labelled "too trailer park" when she was new in Hollywood

Julia Roberts New York, February 1 : Julia Roberts had been dubbed "too trailer park" when she first ventured out to chase her Hollywood dreams, according to author Cooper Lawrence.

Lawrence in her new book `The Cult of Celebrity' claimed that celebrity agent Robert Attermann had told her that his Abrams Artists Agency made the mistake of putting aside the actress' file.

"Julia Roberts came in years ago, and the commercial agent who met with her at the time said, ''Nah, she''s too trailer park''," the New York Post quoted her as saying.

Hindus in US admire Julia Roberts for sporting bindi during Taj Mahal visit

Hindus in US admire Julia Roberts for sporting bindi during Taj Mahal visitWashington, Jan 26 : Julia Roberts is being praised by America''s leading Hindus for showing them respect by sporting the traditional `bindi' on her recent trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

The `Pretty Woman' star and her husband Danny Moder were spotted visiting the tourist attraction last week.

Roberts was photographed sporting a bindi mark on her forehead at the time.

Hollywood Diva Julia Roberts Visits Taj Mahal!

Julia Roberts US film actress Julia Roberts visited the emblem of Love Taj Mahal on Thursday.

Julia was spotted with her husband Daniel Moder and children.

Wearing a scarf to hide her identity from the large number of fans as well as media persons gathered at Taj Mahal awaiting her visit, Julia behaved like an ordinary tourist preferring to walk towards the edifice from the main gateway on the sidewalk rather than the main platform running along the central vista.

Only a few could identify the US actress though many had laid in wait for her and in vain scanned the road from Amar Vilas Hotel, where she was staying, to the Taj.

Julia Roberts'' “F-word” warning caught on camera

Julia Roberts'' “F-word” warning caught on cameraMelbourne, Jan 20 : Furious Julia Roberts turned into a foul-mouthed luminary against a photographer she accuses of stalking her.

The 41-year-old actress was caught on camera using expletive language against a paparazzo after being followed all day.

Coming out in defence of her children, the actress got out of her car and started shouting at the hapless snapper, reports News. com. au

"You get the f... out of my face, do you understand me?" said the Pretty Woman star.