Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton ‘has literary heritage’

Kate Middleton ‘has literary heritage’London, Apr 24: Kate Middleton, touted as the royal bride-in-waiting, traces her lineage to the literary world, according to a new book.

Prince William’s famous girlfriend is not only a distant cousin of the late children’s author Beatrix Potter, but is also a long-lost relative of ‘Swallows And Amazons’ creator Arthur Ransome.

Claudia Joseph’s revealing new biography, ‘Princess In Waiting’, has claimed that Ransome’s sister Joyce was married to Hugo Lupton, the cousin of Kate’s great-grandmother Olive.

‘Kate Middleton’s health scare on becoming late mum’

‘Kate Middleton’s health scare on becoming late mum’London, April 12 : Kate Middleton fears her becoming a late mother might land her with health troubles, according to sources.

The 27-year-old is presently waiting for her royal beau Prince William to complete his seven-year training as an RAF helicopter rescue pilot.

And her close pals have claimed that Kate is worried she might be in her mid thirties before she has her first child.

Kate Middleton's ancestor was a prisoner at Holloway Prison

Kate Middleton's ancestor was a prisoner at Holloway PrisonLondon, Mar 30 : A biography of Prince Williams' famous girlfriend Kate Middleton has revealed that her great-great-great grandfather was a prisoner in UK's Holloway Prison.

The book titled 'Kate Middleton: Princess in Waiting', by Claudia Joseph, traces Middleton's family from working class origins to its current position.

An entry in the 1881 census has revealed that Edward Thomas Glassborow, an ancestor of Middleton's father Michael, was an inmate at Holloway Prison in London.

Kate Middleton ‘fronts’ family brochure to sell ‘Princess party gear’

Prince WilliamLondon, March 22 : A picture of Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton has found its way on her family brochure selling Princess party gear.

The 27-year-old’s face was also featured in a website along with the catalogue offering eighty-four princess-theme products, including dresses, wands, bookcase, fairytale stagecoaches along with Princess party invites, cups, treasure chests and table covers.

However, the decision to let her parents’ multi-million-pound Party Pieces company to benefit from her five-year-old relationship with the royal has evoked much criticism.

Wills, Middleton to share first home together

Wills, Middleton to share first home togetherLondon, February 22: Prince William and his girlfriend Kate Middleton will reportedly share their first house together at the RAF base where he is honing his flying skills to become a search and rescue pilot.

The second in line to the throne will allegedly stay at a renovated house at the military base in Shropshire, where he is expected to remain until September.

The 26-year-old will then be sent to air-sea rescue bases to gather experience while he completes his 18-month course in 2009.

Kate Middleton’s allergic to horses

Kate Middleton’s allergic to horsesLondon, Jan 29 : Prince William''s girlfriend Kate Middleton is allergic to horses.

The Royals love horses and the Queen rides regularly. But, Middleton bucks the trend, because she is allergic to horses, reports the Daily Star.

Middleton's allergy became public knowledge after Australian author Kathy Lette referred to it in an interview with Reader''s Digest.

In her interview, Kathy recalled a polo match in which she found Middleton sitting alone in a tent intently watching William play.

Lette asked her: "Why don't you play polo yourself?"