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Android co-founder Andy Rubin leaves Google to lead 'Incubator'

Andy-RubinWashington, Oct 31 : Google's Andy Rubin, the founder of the most widely used operating software Android, is leaving the search engine giant to lead a startup named Incubator.

Google CEO Larry Page thanked Rubin for his contributions saying that he wishes him all the best with what's next, with Android he created something truly remarkable-with a billion plus happy users.

The departure is potentially a blow to the company's ambitions in robotics, where Google has made large investments, including acquiring more than eight companies, including Boston Dynamics and Atlas, CNET reported.

Google CEO names Sundar Pichai as new head of products

Sundar PichaiWashington, Oct 25 : Google CEO Larry Page has reportedly transferred leadership of all cores Google products over to Sundar Pichai, who was formerly head of Android and Chrome OS.

Pichai will serve as Senior Vice President of all Google products and will manage a number of divisions, including business and operations, access and energy, Nest, Calico, Google X, corporate development, legal, finance, and business, which includes ad sales, PC World reported.

YouTube is not included in the deal because CEO Susan Wojcicki will continue to run that division somewhat independently.

Google's pivotal IPO launched a decade of big bets

Google's pivotal IPO launched a decade of big betsSan Francisco - Google's IPO, a decade ago this week, launched the company on a trajectory that continues to reshape its business and much of the world in its orbit.

And CEO Larry Page is determined to push even further.

Page's vision is that Google's products and services will become the control center of people's lives: The company's driverless cars will chauffeur people around safer roads and deliver goods within hours of an online order.

Internet giant Google turns 15

GoogleNew Delhi, Sep 4 : Internet search giant Google, which initially set shop in a garage but now has more than 70 offices in more than 40 global locations, including India, turned 15 Wednesday.

Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who had met at university in 1995, incorporated the firm Sep 4, 1998.

Originally called BackRub, it was eventually named Google.

Since then, it has become synonymous with internet searching.

And one can use Gmail in more than 50 languages.

Google faces fresh probe alleging abuse of dominant position

Google faces fresh probe alleging abuse of dominant positionInternet giant Google is facing a new anti-trust probe involving the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that could look into whether the company is abusing its dominant position in the online display-advertising market to gain an advantage over competitors and block rival’s ads.

Google posts better than expected second quarter earnings

Google posts better than expected second quarter earningsInternet giant, Google has recorded a better than expected results for the second quarter of the year 2012 as its revenues increased to $12.21 billion.

Google had recorded revenue of $10.65 billion in the previous quarter. The company said that its EPS rose to $10.12 for the quarter from April to June 2012 compared to $10.08 per share during the earlier quarter. The company also said that its net income has risen 11 per cent. The analysts were expecting the company to record an EPS of around $10.04 per share for the quarter.

Larry Page published letter on Google+ marking one year as CEO

Larry PageThe Chief Executive Officer of Google, Larry Page written a letter, which is posted at Google+ social network, to mark one year since he returned to the internet giant as its CEO.

Page said that his plans for the company are aimed at increasing the company's velocity, improving its focus and also focusing on big initiatives that have the power to change the world around. He pointed out that his priority as a CEO of the company is to provide a simpler, more intuitive experience to the customers across all its services so as to allow the users to find exactly what they need on the right time.

Google posts better than expected results

Google posts better than expected results Internet giant, Google has recorded better than expected quarterly earnings indicating that it is generating revenues from online search market.

The company reported that revenue climbed 33 percent and net income rose 26 percent, exceeding analysts’ expectations, in the quarter. Google usually does not provide sectorwise revenue figures, but it said that mobile sector was on track to generate more than $2.5 billion in revenue in the coming future.

Rajeev Motwani, the man who mentored Google founders, dies at 47

Rajeev Motwani, the man who mentored Google founders, dies at 47 The man who mentored many young Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including the founders of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page – Rajeev Motwani, a computer science professor at Stanford University, was found dead in the swimming pool at his home in Atherton, California, on June 5.

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