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Leonardo DiCaprio eats lunch with fan in Edinburgh restaurant

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 18 : Leonardo DiCaprio's love for the world and humanity and is no stranger to anyone.

The 42-year-old Oscar-winning actor arrived at restaurant 'Home' for lunch with a smitten fan, Elise Lovell, who had won a raffle to dine with him in aid of the ' Social Bite' homeless charity, reports the Guardian.

The 'Titanic' star had a broad smile but few words for several hundred fans who braved near-freezing temperatures and rain outside the central Edinburgh restaurant that runs a chain of sandwich shops to train and employ homeless staff.

Reportedly, part of his meal at ' Home' was prepared by Biffy Mackay, a previously homeless trainee chef who said it was the most nerve-racking thing she had ever done.

Leonardo DiCaprio to Stop Fossil Fuel Investments

Leonardo DiCaprio to Stop Fossil Fuel Investments

The ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star Leonardo DiCaprio is all set to join a campaign against global warming, while shedding his personal investments in fossil fuels, an activist group announced on Tuesday.

DiCaprio is learnt to have joined Divest-Invest Coalition. In the crusade against global warming, experts said, traditional energy producers are being convinced enough to cut down heat. Certain industrial players, however, have been terming the campaign as less focused and significant.

The campaign that saw hundreds of college students voicing concerns over fossil fuel holdings, in 2011, has come a long way in inspiring the market players to invest more in renewable energy resources.

DiCaprio partners with Netflix for documentaries that will air exclusively on streaming service

DiCaprio partners with Netflix for documentaries that will air exclusively

Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way has signed up with the online streaming service Netflix to produce documentaries on environment.

DiCaprio’s company said Wednesday that it will produce the documentary and a series that will focus on the environment and conservation.

‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ star DiCaprio will be the producer or executive producer for all the films and docu-series that will premiere exclusively on Netflix. The actor has previously with Netflix on the Oscar-nominated documentary ‘Virunga’. DiCaprio was an executive producer on the documentary, which was about the Democratic Republic of Congo's rare mountain gorillas.

Leonardo DiCaprio photobombs 50 Cent and Naomi Campbell's selfie

Leonardo DiCaprioWashington, Jan 13 - 50 Cent recently shared his selfie with Naomi Campbell where Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have photobombed their pic.

The American rapper posted the photo and said that, he got photobombed by the hottest people in the world, TMZ.com reported.

DiCaprio can be seen posing from behind whilst the rapper was busy clicking the selfie with the supermodel. (ANI)

U.N names Leonardo DiCaprio 'messenger of peace' for climate

Leonardo-DiCaprioLondon, Sept. 17 - The United Nations has tapped Leonardo DiCaprio as its Messenger of Peace, a post he will use to raise awareness about climate change, it has been reported.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday while declaring his name stated that the Hollywood star was not just one of the world's leading actors, but also has a long-standing commitment to environmental causes, including through his foundation, the Mirror reported.

DiCaprio has been slated to speak on September 23, 2014 at the U. N. Climate Summit to address the topic of climate change, which would be attended by leaders from at least 193 member states.

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys WC bash with 50 women in Brazil

Leonardo-DiCaprioLondon, June 16 : Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly invited 50 women to his World Cup party in Brazil.

The 39-year-old actor hired out Pacha nightclub for his lady-filled bash after checking out Brazil's opening match against Croatia, the Mirror reported.

A source asserted that the 'The Wolf of Wall Street' star had bottles of Dom Perignon champagne going around and he really had gone all out on it and spared no expense.

The source said that DiCaprio didn't really cosy up to any one girl in particular and he was really sociable and kept wandering from one woman to the next.

Leonardo DiCaprio auctions space travel ticket

Leonardo-DiCaprioCannes, May 24 : Actor Leonardo DiCaprio auctioned here a ticket for Virgin Galactic space trip 2015 for an international non-profit organisation that supports AIDS research.

The 39-year old auctioned off a ticket to board one of the first commercial flights into space, for an organisation that supports amFAR, reports contactmusic. com.

The person, who won the bidding war has not yet been identified, but he will now be joining the actor on a Virgin Galactic space trip in 2015.

DiCaprio donates $1 mn to save elephants

DiCaprio donates $1 mn to save elephantsLos Angeles, May 15 - Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has become quite a philanthropist by donating $1 million to help save elephants at a fundraising event.

The actor made the donation at the Sundown Gala, Malibu here Saturday, which raised money for the Elephant Crisis Fund.

The event was organisd by the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation along with actor Mark Wahlberg and the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Supporters included celebrities Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford, Rory Kennedy, Behati Prinsloo, writer Erica Beeney and director Rupert Wyatt.

Leonardo DiCaprio buys $10 million apartment

Leonardo DiCaprioNew York, May 7 - Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has reportedly splurged $10 million on an apartment at the Green Delos building in Greenwich Village here.

The star has purchased a two-bedroom and two-and-a-half bath apartment on the fourth floor of the building at 66 E. 11th St., reports showbizspy. com.

The building includes amenities such as vitamin C-infused showers, purified air and water, a circulated aromatherapy air supply, posture-supportive heat reflexology flooring and dawn simulation provided by a circadian lighting design.

Leonardo DiCaprio buys $5.2 mn house

Leonardo-DiCaprioLos Angeles, Feb 28 : Actor Leonardo DiCaprio has purchased the former estate of singer/actress Dinah Shore in the Old Las Palmas neighbourhood of Palm Springs for $5.2 million.

The 39-year-old bought the Donald Wexler-designed home that is spread over 1.3 acres and features six bedrooms, a pool, tennis court and detached gym, reports hollywoodreporter. com.

The sellers, Ben Lipps and wife Jude, bought the estate for $4.9 million in April 2011. The home was offered for $5.5 million Jan 16 and was promptly purchased by the actor for $5.2 million.

Leonardo DiCaprio's reveals his choice of women

Leonardo-DiCaprioWashington, Feb 21 : Leonardo DiCaprio, who is known for dating only supermodels, has revealed that that he's looking for a woman who possesses 'humility, a sense of humor and not a lot of drama.'

The ' Wolf Of Wall Street' star made the surprising revelation during an interview with CBS News.

Talking about marriage, DiCaprio, who has been romantically linked to models Gisele Bundchen , Bar Refaeli and Erin Heatherton, said that he is going to let it happen "naturally". (ANI)

Leonardo DiCaprio says 'he has never taken drugs' despite 'temptations'

Leonardo-DiCaprioLondon, February 7 : Leonardo DiCaprio has said that he has never done drugs despite of growing up surrounded by them.

The ' Wolf of Wall Street' star said Hollywood was a walk in the park for him, and drugs were present in the parties he would go to and there was a lot of temptation, the Mirror reported.

However, DiCaprio added that his decision to never experiment with illegal substances stemmed from his upbringing. (ANI)

DiCaprio greeted by hundreds of fans in Tokyo

Leonardo-DiCaprioTokyo, Jan 28 : Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio was welcomed by hundreds of fans as he landed here for his latest film "The Wolf Of Wall Street" Tokyo premiere.

The 39-year-old wore a flat cap and smiled as he walked through Haneda International Airport and waved to the gathered crowd on Monday. He even stopped to sign a few autographs on his way out, reports dailymail. co. uk.

Some of the signs congratulated him on his fifth Oscar nomination for his role as Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's latest film.

Shooting for 'The Wolf...' was fun: DiCaprio

Leonardo-DiCaprioLos Angeles, Jan 27 : Actor Leonardo DiCaprio enjoyed filming the raunchy and wild scenes in “The Wolf of Wall Street”.

The 39-year-old actor, who plays stockbroker Jordan Belfort in the drama, enjoyed depicting his wild ways on screen and didn't even mind baring all on camera.

"Much of the film depended on creating a wild and reckless atmosphere. I didn't hold anything back. There were no stunt doubles for me either - it's all me. That's all me flopping around naked,” contactmusic. com quoted him as saying.

Leonardo DiCaprio prepares himself for 40th b'day

Leonardo-DiCaprioWashington, Jan 17 : Leonardo DiCaprio is all set for his 40th birthday, saying that he doesn't find it daunting because men are no longer considered "old" at 40.

The 39-year-old actor is set to celebrate the milestone birthday in November.

He told ShortList magazine that 40 represents something different, and he has been thinking about 40 for so long that he is prepared for it. (ANI)

'The Wolf Of Wall Street' listed as most foul-mouthed film of all time

The-Wolf-Of-Wall-StreetLondon, Jan 4 : Martin Scorsese's latest film ' The Wolf Of Wall Street' has been named the most foul-mouthed film ever made.

The film tops a list of films that feature most uses of the F-word, Sky News reported.

According to Wikipedia, The Golden Globe-nominated film has 506 uses of the expletive in 179 minutes.

The movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as amoral stockbroker Jordan Belfort.

It joins Scorsese's earlier gangster films 'Casino' and 'Goodfellas' in the swearing top 10. (ANI)

Leonardo DiCaprio admits 'love' for pal Kate Winslet

Leonardo-DiCaprioWashington, Jan 2 : Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he really loves having Kate Winslet as a friend, who he first co-starred with 16 years ago in ' Titanic '.

'The Wolf of Wall Street' star told USA Today that Winslet is the greatest person and very genuine, Contactmusic reported.

The handsome star added that he loves Winslet as a pal. (ANI)

Margot Robbie 'shocked' DiCaprio while filming sex scene in 'Wolf of Wall Street'

Margot-RobbieWashington, Jan 1 : Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio's co-star in ' The Wolf of Wall Street ', has revealed that she shocked the hunky star while shooting for a sex scene in the flick.

The 23-year-old actress told Manhattan magazine that at the time the two were positioned in such a way that technicians were setting up lights around them in one scene, E! Online reported.

The former 'Pan Am' star explained that she pushed DiCaprio's head to one side and told him he was in her light so he moved out of it.

PETA slams DiCaprio for acting with chimp in 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

Leonardo-DiCaprioLondon, Dec 18 : Leonardo DiCaprio has been slammed by PETA for acting alongside a chimp in film ' Wolf Of Wall Street '.

In one scene of the film, the 39-year-old actor is seen dragging the chimpanzee named Chance through an office party, Metro. co. uk reported.

According to PETA, the chimp was provided by the Rosaire family, notorious for operating a traveling circus that forces chimpanzees to perform cruel and unnatural acts.

Actor DiCaprio ventures into racing world with Formula E

leonardo-dicaprio-formula-eMonaco, Dec 10 : Venturi Automobiles has announced a joint venture with award winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio to enter a team in the new FIA Formula E Championship - the world’s first fully electric race series beginning in September 2014.

Based in Monaco, the new Venturi Grand Prix Formula E Team has been co-founded by DiCaprio and Gildo Pallanca Pastor, founder of pioneering EV manufacturer Venturi Automobiles, together with Bert Hedaya and Francesco Costa.

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