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Snotbots to help know more about whales

Snotbots to help know more about whales

Sir Patrick Stewart is supporting a project that involves whale snot collection. Purpose-built drones called snotbots designed by Ocean Alliance will collect whale mucus or snot and it will be then studied by experts.

These drones can trail whales near the ocean’s surface and the research team will stay about a half mile back. The drone will fly above water surface and unaware whale and will collect mucus expelled from whale's blowhole to collect a sample that it will exhale from its lung.

Researchers think that a lung lining sample from whale can provide important information on many things including environmental toxins, bacteria and viruses in the animal’s system. The Ocean Alliance team has affirmed that it has carefully developed the drones and has even tested them.

Patrick Stewart praises Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer LawrenceLos Angeles: 'X-Men' star Patrick Stewart has said that he would like to work with Jennifer Lawrence in the future.

During a Facebook Q&A session, the 74-year-old actor described the 'Hunger Games' star as "quite good-looking", reported Entertainment Weekly.

"I'd like to collaborate with Jennifer Lawrence. I think she's brilliant, with a great sense of humour, and quite good looking," Stewart said about the 24-year-old actress.

Stewart was also asked if he would ever consider working with Ian McKellen on a "buddy comedy".

"Absolutely. It's a brilliant idea. Will you write the script for us please? Which of course will have to have approval," he said.

Buckingham Palace honors Patrick Stewart as Knight

Patrick-StewartSir Patrick Stewart has taken the opportunity to pay a heartfelt tribute to his former teacher. He has done this while he received the 'knight' honor by the Queen at Buckingham Palace. The legendary actor has said his English teacher has been his first inspiration to perform.

He has said that there are many people who had influenced him a lot in his life. But his teacher is one of them without him he would not have been in this position. This classical actor is famous for his roles in star Trek He was freshly seen on the London stage appearing next to fellow actor knight Sir Ian McKellen in Waiting for Go dot.

Patrick Stewart credits films for helping him escape childhood pain

Patrick StewartLondon, October 9 : Actor Patrick Stewart has revealed that he has movies to thank for helping him escape harsh realities when he was young.

The ‘Star Trek’ star, who grew up with an abusive dad, made the revelation to a group of students from St Charles Sixth Form College as he launched National Schools Film Week in London.

"My home life wasn''t very pleasant, and not fun, so getting out, not being at home, especially to have the opportunity to escape into a fantasy world was bliss," said the Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Patrick Stewart delighted with new Star Trek

 Patrick Stewart delighted with new Star TrekLondon, Jun 15: Brit actor Patrick Stewart, who acted as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in `Star Trek: The Next Generation', has revealed that he is delighted with the new Star Trek.

Stewart, 68, has even praised American actor Chris Pine, 28, who played the young Captain Kirk in the new movie.

"He's brilliant, charming, truthful, funny and utterly delightful," the Daily Express quoted Stewart as saying.

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