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Knights of Malta challenge Pope Francis's authority over condom row

Knights of Malta challenge Pope Francis's authority over condom row

London [UK], Jan. 12 : Pope Francis is facing an extraordinary challenge to his authority from an ancient Catholic order, the Knights of Malta, that is refusing to cooperate with a Vatican investigation into the sacking of a top official over the distribution of tens of thousands of condoms.

Albrecht von Boeselager was suspended December 8 after he refused a demand by the top Knight, Matthew Festing, to resign over revelations that the order's charity branch distributed tens of thousands of condoms in Myanmar under his watch, reports the CNN.

The Catholic church bans the use of contraception.

The ancient order has also warned its members to toe the line if they choose to speak with investigators.

Pope Francis Neglecting World’s Poor

Pope Francis Neglecting World’s Poor

Pope Francis has been saying that the world's elite has very less idea about what is the biggest problem of the world's poor. He might be right, but the same observation at some point applies to him as well.

Pope Francis, in his recent visit to the United States, is invoking the need to protect the vulnerable in the world called for an end to humanity's reliance on fossil fuels. The statement came after his declaration in June that global warming is one of the pre-eminent problems facing the poor.

Several Activists to Go On Hunger Strike in McPherson Square

Several Activists to Go On Hunger Strike in McPherson Square

A handful of people in Washington, DC, will be going on a 10-day fast ahead of Pope Francis’s visit. The group of environmentalists going on the strike wants to stand for the call of a more sustainable lifestyle, the Catholic leader made in June.

As per rally organizers, it is possible that the pope may even stop by to check out the banners promoting the document, ‘Laudato Si’, On Care for Our Common Home’, on his way to the Capital.

Organizers of the rally scheduled to take place on September 24th, said in a statement that their rally will include Catholics and non-Catholics, environmental activists, musicians, labor leaders and others who have been inspired by popes encyclical.

Dozens of Mayors Attend Conference with Pope Francis to Discuss Slavery, Climate Change

Dozens of Mayors Attend Conference with Pope Francis to Discuss Slavery, Climate

Several dozens of mayors from major cities across the world gathered in Vatican to discuss the link between slavery and climate change. The Vatican conference of last week clearly showed how secular leaders from across the world are responding to the lead taken by Pope Francis to protect the environment.

Majorly the conference aimed to discuss the necessary steps that could be taken in cities to combat climate change. The mayors who attended the conference pledge to lobby their governments to work for a binding climate treaty this fall in Paris at the UN-sponsored climate change talks.

New York City, San Francisco, New Orleans, Boston, Madrid and Rome were among the cities whose mayors attended the Vatican conference of last week with Pope Francis.

Climate change meeting in Fresno echoes recent comments from Pope Francis

Climate change meeting in Fresno echoes recent comments from Pope Francis

A meeting was organized in Fresno Wednesday night by activists and faith leaders to promulgate comments from Pope Francis about actions to protect the planet from pollution and climate change.

Investor and philanthropist Tom Steyer also attended the meeting at Saint Anthony Mary Claret Catholic Church in southeast Fresno. He is also the founder of NextGen Climate, which has been making efforts to encourage American politicians to debate it.

The meeting saw more than 200 people participating in the discussion over climate change actions. Speakers said Fresno is facing threats of climate change disasters like pollution, drought, record heat and other health hazards.

Pope’s Encyclical Attracts Unparalleled Rebuff, Conservatives Feel Betrayed!

Pope’s Encyclical Attracts Unparalleled Rebuff, Conservatives Feel Betrayed!

Baffled by intrusion of a higher authority into its domain, Pope Francis’s encyclical on climate change has ignited frenzied response by hard-line neoliberals who view Pope’s stance to prevent catastrophic environmental destruction as a challenge to their most cherished beliefs.

As the Pope calls out for the indispensible need to counteract climate changes and questions the notion of infinite economic growth, the right, hardwired with neoliberal dogma seems to have started feeling betrayed.

Pope Francis backs Idea of setting Date for Easter Sunday

Pope Francis backs Idea of setting Date for Easter Sunday

The idea of setting a fixed data for Easter Sunday has been backed by Pope Francis. Depending upon the lunar calendar, the date for Easter Sunday has moved back and forth for centuries. Easter and the Holy Week, which falls before it is fixed on the first full moon, which is the first Sunday after the spring equinox, March 21.

Pope Francis said during the Second Retreat for Priests in the Basilica of St. John Lateran on June 12 that a consensus has been achieved over a fix date for Easter.

Easter is celebrated by the Orthodox Churches normally a week after the Catholics. Pope Francis jokingly said the some Christians say that Christ rose today, whereas the others say next week.

Separation of couples is acceptable to protect ‘weaker spouse or small children’: Pope Francis

Separation of couples is acceptable to protect ‘weaker spouse or small children

On June 24, Pope Francis spoke about negative dynamics within families. He said at times the separation of a husband and wife may be ‘inevitable’ or ‘even morally necessary’ for protection of the ‘weaker spouse or small children’.

According to Pope Francis, some distressed spouses prevail over their problems and revive their marriages. However, he also said that all separated couples are not able to do so.

The pope said, at his weekly general audience, “There are cases in which separation is inevitable. Sometimes it can become even morally necessary, precisely when it comes to subtracting the weaker spouse, or small children, from more serious injuries caused by arrogance and violence, by humiliation and exploitation... and by indifference”.

No Official Report Will Ever State How Weak International Political Responses Have Been

No Official Report Will Ever State How Weak International Political Responses

A rare document that cites the Divine Comedy, the works of Thomas Aquinas and the Basel Convention on hazardous waste appeared this week, Laudato Si (Praise Be), the papal encyclical on climate change.

As a former Catholic who is still angry at the church on a number of fronts, I was prepared to pick holes in Pope Francis's lengthy treatise, but instead it appeared to be awestruck.

The document states that at first we have to consider the profound weirdness of the situation in which they are in. There a situation founded on the mystical precepts of virgin birth and transubstantiation, trying to prove to disbelievers the very science that has been staring us in the eye for decades.

New Warning from Pope Francis could face Skepticism

New Warning from Pope Francis could face Skepticism

It is expected that Pope Francis will release a Papal encyclical on Thursday. In the document, he has asked people to bring changes in lifestyles and energy consumption so that major damage to the ecosystem can be avoided.

Now, it is being said that the message that also warns about the risks of fossils fuels might face skepticism in West Virginia where workers have harvested coal for centuries.

It is possible that the Pope could be accused of being a socialist. In the paper, global warming has been blamed on pollution caused by coal, oil and natural gas. Catholic leaders in some areas in the US's coal and oil regions could be a tough situation. It is troubling, as the energy industry has remained the backbone of the community.

Pope Francis addresses challenges faced by Women in Vatican conference

Pope Francis addresses challenges faced by Women in Vatican conference

A Vatican conference titled ‘Women and the Post-2015 Development Agenda- the Challenges of Sustainable Development Goals’ took place in Rome from May 22-24.

The conference was sponsored by the Pontifical Council of Justice and Peace, the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations, and the World Women’s Alliance for Life and Family.

The conference was attended by 100 delegates from around the world. They gathered to discuss the 17 objectives proposed by the United Nations for the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

During the conference, Catholic Church's Pope, Pope Francis mentioned how the Church addresses the various conditions of women worldwide today.

Pope Francis urges religious, political leaders to speak out against IS' violence

Pope FrancisJohannesburg, Nov 28 : Pope Francis has urged religious and political leaders, on the eve of a trip to the Middle East, to take a stand against attacks on Christians by Islamic State ( IS) militants.

According to News24, the Pope said that the persecution of Christians today is the worst it has been since Christianity's earliest days.

There were barbaric and criminal things being committed in Iraq, said the Pope.

He also said that the persecution of Christians , Yazidis and other communities requires religious and political leaders especially Muslims to speak out against them. (ANI)

Pope Francis condemns extremists for 'perverting' religion to justify violence

Pope FrancisLondon, Sep 22 : Pope Francis, during a visit to Albania, condemned extremists across the world for 'perverting' religion to validate their violent actions.

According to the BBC, his remarks apparently point towards the Islamic State militants in the Middle East who have capture large swathes of Iraq and Syria.

Thousands of people were present at the open air Mass in Albanian capital, Tirana.

He commended the peaceful coexistence of different religions in Albania where Catholics and orthodox Christians live alongside a Muslim majority.

He said that no one should commit violence in the name of God and that doing so was inhuman. (ANI)

Pope calls for 'urgent' end to Syrian war

Pope-FrancisLondon, May 25 : Pope Francis has called for an 'urgent' need for a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.

Speaking on the first day of a visit to the Middle East, the Pontiff also called for a just solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Pope was speaking in Amman following a meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II.

According to Sky News, King Abdullah praised the Pope for his 'humanity and wisdom', saying his visit would help ease the suffering of the Syrian refugees and the burden of host countries like Jordan where most have fled.

Pope cancels 'tentative meeting' with 'Noah' star Russell Crowe

Russell-CroweNew York, March 18 : Pope Francis has reportedly declined to meet Russell Crowe.

According to the Vatican, the 77-year-old current Pope of the Catholic Church was reluctant to meet the ' Noah' actor due to the media circus it would create, the New York Post reported.

Vatican officials had tentatively agreed to the meeting but it has been cancelled as the Pope was worried about the media frenzy it would create and was afraid that it would become a "huge spectacle".

Pope Francis was once a bouncer at nightclub

Pope-FrancisSydney, Dec 3 : Pope Francis has revealed he once made money by kicking people out of clubs as a bouncer.

During a visit to a parish church in Rome at the weekend, Pope Francis got chatty about his credentials.

According to news. com. au, the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, reported that the pope told a group of parishioners at the church of San Cirillo Alessandrino about his earlier jobs.

The pope's earlier days jobs also included sweeping floors and running laboratory tests, according to a report from the Catholic News Service.

I didn't want to become Pope, says Francis

Pope-FrancisVatican City, June 8 : Pope Francis has denied that when he was a cardinal he harboured ambitions to lead the Catholic Church.

"I didn't want to become Pope. A person who has this desire does not love themselves... and does not have God's blessing," Francis said.

He was answering a question from Jesuit school pupils who he received at the Vatican.

Francis, formerly Argentine cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, archbishop of Buenos Aires, was elected pontiff with more than 90 votes out of 115.

Pope wants action against clerics abusing kids

Pope-FrancisVatican City, April 5 : Pope Francis has called for "decisive action" in the fight against the sexual abuse of minors by priests and directed the Vatican watchdog on such cases to ensure the perpetrators were punished.

He told Bishop Gerhard Mueller, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith - the Vatican watchdog nsex abuse cases - to ensure the perpetrators were punished, BBC reported Friday.

It was the Argentinian pope's first public statement on clerical sex abuse. He was elected last month, replacing Pope Emeritus Benedict, who became the first pope in 600 years to resign.

Pope Francis explains choice of name

Pope Francis explains choice of nameVatican City, March 17 : The newly elected pope has explained what inspired him to pick the name Francis, which has never been used in papal history before.

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, who was elected the 266th Pope, said during an audience with journalists that Brazilian Cardinal Claudio Hummes had told him not to forget the poor when the conclave voted in his favour.

"He (Hummes) hugged me. He kissed me. He said don't forget about the poor. And that's how in my heart came the name Francis of Assisi," the Pope said.

Meghalaya's Catholics welcome election of Pope Francis

Meghalaya's Catholics welcome election of Pope FrancisShillong, March 14 : Catholics in the predominantly Christian state of Meghalaya Thursday reacted with joy as Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as the 266th pope in the Catholic Church's 2,000-year history and took the name of Francis I.

Archbishop of Shillong Dominic Jala, who offered Pope Francis I his congratulations, prayers and support, said: "He is God's timely gift to us all."

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