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Taylor Swift Photos

'AT&T' announces 'Taylor Swift Now' show

'AT&T' announces 'Taylor Swift Now' show

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 29 : Telecom giant 'AT&T', which recently agreed to acquire 'Time Warner' for 85.4 billion dollars, has partnered with Taylor Swift for original content.

'AT&T' took to its official Twitter handle to announce "new destination" for the fans to enjoy "unique and never seen videos" of the 26-year-old pop superstar.

".@TaylorSwift13 fans have a new destination for unique and never seen videos, #TaylorSwiftNOW - coming soon, only on AT&T," read the announcement.

A short video attached to the post flashes through several moments from Swift's life and career-live concerts, interviews, albums, photo shoots with her cats, over all these years.

Taylor Swift nails beachy 'Mannequin Challenge' on Thanksgiving

Taylor Swift nails beachy 'Mannequin Challenge' on Thanksgiving

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 25 : Taylor Swift recently pulled off a unique 'Mannequin Challenge' on a beach together with her girl pals including Martha Hunt, Lily Donaldson, Leah McCarthy and few others.

According to hollywoodlife.com, the 'Love Story' singer spent ' Thanksgiving Day' November 24 at her Rhode Island estate with her brother and some of her closest pals who rallied around to do an epic beach video.

Recruiting some of her model pals for the job, the 26-year-old pop star later took to her Instagram account to share the video with her fans, just in time for the big day.

I Voted: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, H'wood celebs share voting pics from election day

I Voted: Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, H'wood celebs share voting pics from election

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 9 : The US presidential election is whirling in its political fiesta and celebrities prove they are also a part of it.

Several pop stars and actors including Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Olivia Wilde and many others posted photos from their respective polling areas to tell fellow citizens that they have performed their civic duty.

Also seen a lot on the pictures, along with the celebs, is the 'I Voted' stickers, some of which are oval in shape and has the same words written in more than five languages.

Swift took to her Instagram handle to share a photo of her queuing up with the others standing in front of the 'Voters entrance'. The caption reads, "Today is the day. Go out and VOTE us."

Drake sends Taylor Swift loads of luxurious gifts for her cats

Drake sends Taylor Swift loads of luxurious gifts for her cats

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 8 : Looks like fans of Drake and Taylor Swift are in for another big 'collaboration' only this time it could be a 'romantic' call.

The 30-year-old rapper is showing Swift just how much he cares about her by doing something sweet for something near and dear to her heart- Tay's cats, reports HollywoodLife.com.

An insider told the website, "Drake knows the way to Taylor's heart and he's going for it in a big way."

The source also mentioned that the 'Hotline Bling' singer stopped into a pet store and went "buck wild on cat accessories" for her.

Fans go wild over Drake's studio photo with Taylor Swift

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 5 : Drake recently shared on social media a photo of him and Taylor Swift working together and fans of both the hit makers are freaking out alike.

The snap on 'One Dance' rapper's Instagram handle shows him and Swift standing with their backs to the camera inside what looks like a working studio.

Captioned, "Is that velvet?", the picture garnered several response and mixed reactions from users and fans.

"YAAASS!!!!!!" commented one fan.

"Love Taylor and love you. Waiting for your song," wrote another.

"Taylor Swift and Drake's music they're recording together is about to be lit af," a fan tweeted.

However, not everyone on the Internet was as excited. Many turned to the platform to react negatively towards the collaboration.

Taylor Swift tops Forbes` World`s Highest-Paid Women in Music for 2016

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov. 3 : Taylor Swift is certainly living her 'wildest dreams' with a whopping haul of 170 million USD over the past year.

Forbes magazine recently released its list of 'The World's Highest-Paid Women in Music for 2016' and the 26-year-old pop-star came in at No. 1 by a long shot, thanks to her '1989 Tour' that grossed over a quarter of a billion dollars.

According to the article, the income is measured from June 1, 2015 to June 1, 2016 before taxes and management fees. Numbers are based on data from Pollstar, Nielsen and the RIAA, as well as interviews with managers, agents, lawyers and some of the stars themselves.

Taylor Swift and pals' ultimate treat on Halloween night

Washington D.C. [USA], Nov 1 : Taylor Swift and her gang of girls avoided the nightclubs and settled for some home fun to celebrate the spooky holiday on Monday night.

The 'Shake it off' singer along with her girl friends dressed up in unique and funky costumes proving that they had a great time celebrating Halloween.

Swift, dressed in a 'Deadpool' costume, posted a picture on her Instagram account and captioned it as, "Happy Halloween from Deadpool, a Cub Scout, Martha Brady, a space cadet, a granny with a lost cat, black swan, and a birthday girl dressed as a cat"

'Fifth Harmony' star Camila Cabello appears to be holding up a 'Meredith is missing' sign, as a tribute to one of Taylor's beloved cats, while Gigi Hadid went as a Cub Scout.

Calvin Harris might have Taylor Swift all over his 'My Way' music video

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 29 : The music video for Calvin Harris's latest single 'My Way' seems to throw shade at former girlfriend Taylor Swift despite denying rumors that it was not written about her.

In the video, which debuted on October 28, the 32-year-old Scottish DJ puts on a virtual-reality headset and experiences a breakup with a girl who does not bear a physical resemblance to Swift but wears a bevy of ensembles that almost match some of the 'Shake It Off' singer's most memorable fashion moments, as noted by E! Online.

The video shows Harris' love interest levitates horizontally in his make-believe living room, striking the exact pose the 26-year-old pop star made in her 'Bad Blood' music video in 2015.

Taylor Swift blazes through her hits at Austin concert

Washington D.C. [ANI], Oct. 23 : Taylor Swift was on fire as she performed many of her hits including 'New Romantics', 'Blank Space', 'Style', 'Shake it Off' at the recent grand prix in Austin.

During her first and only concert performance of 2016, ' Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix' weekend in Austin, Texas, the Grammy winner tore through a number of her hits, reports E! Online.

The beloved star welcomed close to 80,000 screaming fans as she strutted across the stage in a short, black, sparkly outfit.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter blazed through ' New Romantics' and ' 22' in quick succession to open the show.

Apple will pay for Independent Labels and Artists for Music on its New Streaming Service

Apple will pay for Independent Labels and Artists for Music on its New Streaming

After facing criticism from Taylor Swift and other artists, Apple has decided to reverse its early policy. Now, it will pay independent labels and artists on its new streaming service during its three-month free trial period.

Apple senior vice president Eddy Cue said that he read a Taylor's note and it made him think that there is a need to make change. Apple has made certain changes in which it has agreed to share revenue from paid subscriptions.

But Swift said that she will withhold her latest album from the service as Apple was not planning to pay artists and labels directly for using their music during the streaming service's free introductory period.

Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to NYC public schools

Taylor Swift donates $50,000 to NYC public schools

Washington, Feb 25 : Taylor Swift has stayed true to her words and donated her proceeds from the song 'Welcome To New York' i.e. 50,000 dollars to the New York City public schools.

The officials of the Department of Education revealed that this was not a one-time donation and the 'Blank Space' singer will continue to donate the proceeds she receives from the sale of her New York single to NYC public schools, E! Online reported.

The 25-year-old NYC's welcome ambassador, who has been showing her love for New York from a long time, previously declared that it was good that her single was doing well in the market as she wanted to donate all its proceeds to New York City public schools. (ANI)

Taylor Swift makes breakup playlist for heartbroken fan on Tumblr

Taylor Swift makes breakup playlist for heartbroken fan on Tumblr

Washington, Feb 12 : Taylor Swift recently provided a 6-song breakup playlist to one of her heartbroken fans on Tumblr.

The 'Shake it Off' hitmaker gave support to her fan named Kasey after she approached the 24-year-old singer when her boyfriend broke-up with her via text just few days prior to Valentine's Day, E! Online reported.

The American singer also gave her a playlist to help her fan which includes Charli XCX 's single 'Stay Away', Montgomery's 'Not Around', HAERTS' 'Wings', MisterWives' 'Coffins', 'Sleep' by Azure Ray and 'Begin Again' by Measure.

Kasey later thanked Swift for her support. (ANI)

The 'inappropriate' query that shocked Taylor Swift

The 'inappropriate' query that shocked Taylor Swift

Wellington, Feb 11 : Taylor Swift has recently faced one of the most awkward questions/statements at the Grammys 2015.

Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O'Dell asked the 25-year-old singer if she would be going home with "lots of men" after the Grammy Awards, Stuff. co. nz reported.

O'Dell said that she just wanted to show the legs, because as she was telling the 'Shake it Off' singer ahead of time, "I think you're going to walk home with more than just a trophy tonight. I think lots of men."

Shocked Swift took a deep breath to bluntly reply that she is not going to walk home with any men, adding she is going to go hang out with her friends and then go home to the cats because men get me in trouble.

Taylor Swift to hit 2015 Grammys' red carpet with childhood bestie

Taylor Swift to hit 2015 Grammys' red carpet with childhood bestie

Washington, Feb 7 : Taylor Swift will hit the 2015 Grammys' red carpet with her childhood bestie Abigail Anderson , it has been revealed.

The 'Shake it Off' hitmaker shared an Instagram pic of their two and captioned it as, "My date to the Grammys is........ @abigail_lauren!! We'll try to dress as well in 2015 as we did in 2005.#GetReady", E! Online reported.

Anderson also confirmed the news by tweeting, "My dad's advice to me before leaving for LA; 'Keep your hands washed, Abigail!'".

Swift has been nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance for 'Shake it Off' and the hit single is also nominated for Song of the Year and Record of the Year. (ANI)

Taylor Swift will not perform at Grammys

Taylor SwiftLos Angeles: Singer Taylor Swift will not take to stage this Grammy Awards as she wants to focus on her world tour due in May.

Swift, 25, announced the '1989 World Tour' in November last year. The singer said she needs time to plan the tour, hence will not perform at the event, set to take place on Sunday, February 8, reported E! Online.

"Since my whole life is wrapped up and entangled in the planning of the 1989 World Tour right now, I'm not going to be performing on the Grammys this year. I need this time to focus only on the tour," she shared on Tumblr yesterday.

Katy Perry reveals cryptic 'Mean Girls' tweet was about Taylor Swift

Katy PerryWashington, Jan 31 : Katy Perry has confirmed that her cryptic 'Mean Girls' tweet that she posted in September 2015 was aimed at Taylor Swift.

When asked in an interview if her "Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing" tweet was about the 'Shake It Off,' the 30-year-old singer said if somebody is trying to defame her character, people are going to hear about it, the CBS News reported.

After Taylor Swift revealed that her song, 'Bad Blood' off 1989 was about a female "straight up enemy" who tried to steal one of her dancers and totally sabotage her tour, the world assumed that shade was aimed at Perry.

Taylor Swift trademarks lyrics and accessories from her latest album '1989'

Washington, Jan 29 - Taylor Swift wants to officially make her lyrics her own, and has filed trademarks for some of the popular song lyrics from her recent '1989' album.

The 25-year-old Grammy winner doesn't want her lyrics "Party Like It's 1989," "This Sick Beat," "Cause We Never Go Out of Style," "Nice to Meet You. Where You Been?" and "Could Show You Incredible Things," to be used by any other artists in their songs, E! Online reported.

Her trademark details includes guitar accessories, musical instruments, handbags, backpacks, ornaments, clothing, public appearances, wind chimes, cushions, mirrors, stickers, cookware, containers, pot holders, towels, blankets and hosiery.

Taylor Swift approves singers' performance on her songs

Los Angeles - Pop star Taylor Swift has given approval to a performance by two singers on songs from her latest album '1989'.

The 24-year-old singer gave her stamp of approval on Twitter to a performance of 'Blank Space' and 'Style' mash-up uploaded on YouTube, reported Aceshowbiz.

Swift took to Twitter to share a link of the clip showing Louisa Wendorff and Devin Dawson singing the tracks off and commented, "Obsessed."

The video sees the Nashville-based singer and her duet partner singing in the middle of the street. Wearing all-black outfits, the two deliver their respective lines while Dawson plays the guitar.

Taylor Swift grabs Billboard's 'Woman of the Year' Award for 2nd time in row

Taylor SwiftMelbourne, Dec 13 - Taylor Swift has claimed the Billboard's coveted Woman of the Year Award for the second time.

The American singer said that getting named for the honour for a second time was like receiving amazing early birthday present, News. com. au reported.

The 'Blank Space' hit-maker added that she was going to have blast on her 25th birthday like she has when she got her first album hit.

Singer Aretha Franklin sang 'Happy Birthday' for Swift and made her feel special at the award ceremony. (ANI)

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