Prison worker allegedly helps two convicted killers escape from New York jail

According to a report, a prison worker who has been accused of helping two convicted killers escape from a maximum-security New York jail earlier this month provided them with essential tools that were hidden inside frozen chunks of hamburger meat.

Joyce Mitchell has been charged with crime of promoting prison illegal imports and wrong criminal facilitation with regard to the escape of Richard Matt and David Sweat from Clinton County Correctional Facility. According to court documents, Mitchell smuggled the men with chisels, hacksaw blades, a punch and a screwdriver bit in the weeks before the escape.

According to law enforcement sources, it was Mitchell's idea to sneak the tools into the jail covered by the frozen food.

Authorities said that in the meantime, they had recovered items from a distant cabin in northern New York State, which is close to the Canadian border, and the items could be associated with Sweat and Matt.

State Police Maj. Charles Guess said that authorities had some items from the Adirondack cabin, which is nearly 20 miles west of the prison. They have sent them to labs for DNA and some other tests. He didn't reveal much about the items, however described the latest search effort, which is among many over the past 17 days.

It has been reported by The New York Post that a pair of prison-issued boxer shorts is among the items recovered from the cabin. And bloody socks, boots and at least one set of fingerprints were among other items.