Rahul Bajaj agrees to Rajiv's logic

Rahul-BajajThe senior Bajaj, Rahul has finally given a green signal to the logic of his son, Rajiv Bajaj to drop the Bajaj brand from the branding strategy of the company.

Notably, the Chairman of Bajaj Auto said in his annual report that the Managing Director often says that while products may generate market share, brands provide pricing power and create higher profits mentioning that he has started to agree with him.

It may be noted here that Rahul Bajaj had earlier shown his discomfort with the logic of dropping the Bajaj brand from the strategy of the company.

While Rajiv Bajaj said that the company has a very diluted brand image as it manufactures everything from a heater to hair oils and the company will focus on developing individual brands for the Indian market, but Rahul Bajaj said that the Bajaj brand has been there for years and is very strong in the minds of the Indian consumer.

Moreover, Rahul Bajaj had earlier disagreed on Rajiv's move to exit the scooters segment. However, Rajiv had clarified that he believes in the logic of business rather than emotions of it.