Rahul Gandhi could be next General Secretary of AICC

New Delhi, Sept. 24: Rahul Gandhi may be appointed as Congress General Secretary in a reshuffle of the party secretariat. The decision is expected to be finalised today. Rahul Gandhi (37) had stated recently that he was ready for an active role in the party. The move may prove to be a big jump for Rahul Gandhi.

The is elected Member of Parliament from Amethi. Many senior Congress leaders were recommending the name for Rahul for General Secretary. The congress party has failed in many states in recent elections.

The party leaders support Rahul Gandhi to be potential prime minister. As there is a possibility of mid-term elections, AICC is ready for many organizational changes.

Rahul Gandhi was given the charge of Congress campaign in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. Rahul could not help the party in Uttar Pradesh, but the party senior members have faith in Rahul.

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