Shots fired in Portugal near Premier Socrates' party conference

PortugalLisbon - Shots were fired near the building where Portuguese Prime Minis

British High Court judges rebuke government over Lisbon Treaty

PortugalLondon - British High Court judges Friday rebuked the government for pre

Striker killed during haulier protests in Portugal

Striker killed during haulier protests in PortugalLisbon - A

Thirty slightly injured in Portuguese bus accident

Lisbon  -  At least 30 people, including 27 schoolchildren, were slightly injured Friday when a bus transporting 60 people slipped off the road and tumbled two metres down the roadside in Esposende

Trial of 36 skinheads begins in Portugal

PortugalLisbon - An unprecedented trial of the Portuguese far right began Tuesday in Lisbon, with 36