Failed rains threaten to drive Somalia further into despair

Nairobi  -  Somalia is headed for a failure of seasonal rains this month that will threaten already limited water and food supplies and further endanger a population enduring a civil war, the Inter

Briton, two Kenyans killed in Somalia attack

SomaliaMogadishu - Three foreigners were killed in Somalia after insurgents attacked the central to

At least seven dead in sporadic gunfire in Somali capital

Mogadishu  - At least seven people including four Somali policemen have been killed and several others injured in clashes between government troops and Islamist insurgents on Saturday in the capital Mogadishu, witnesses reported.

The first clash in northern Mogadishu began at 10 am (0700 GMT) when an Islamist insurgent lobbed a hand grenade at a police patrol, triggering a half-hour battle in which six were killed.

One insurgent was killed and three soldiers wounded in another confrontation in Taleeh district, south of Mogadishu.

Elsewhere, the government on Saturday implemented a heavy crackdown in two districts in Mogadishu, arresting dozens of people, according to local residents.

Osama is in Yemen or Somalia, not Pakistan: US counter-terrorism expert

Washington, Sept 14: The Bush Administration’s former chief counter-terrorism adviser, Richard Clark, has claimed that Osama bin Laden is either in Yemen or Somalia, and not in Pakistan.