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Hypertension Is Highly Ignored In U.S. Kids – Dr. Kaelber Study

Over 1.5 million U.S. youngsters have undiagnosed high blood pressure, says a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Wednesday, Aug. 22.

The study, chaired by Dr. David Kaelber of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland and Harvard Medical School, revealed that three quarters of the 2 million U.S. youngsters who are estimated to have high blood pressure don't realized the problem. This leaves them at risk for developing organ damage in their future life.

US Launches Investigation Into ‘Friendly Fire’ British Deaths

Washington: The United States enounced it would carry on a methodical investigation with Britain into the situation under which three British NATO military personnel were killed in a friendly fire event in Afghanistan.

Kurt Volker, the principal deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs said, “The United States is deeply saddened by the death of three British soldiers in Afghanistan and the wounding of two others in a friendly fire incident involving ordinance dropped by a US aircraft.”

Burger King posts better-than-expected Net Profit

Burger King Holdings Inc.Burger King Holdings Inc.

Dubai Plans $5 Billion Investment In MGM Casino

MGM MirageThe Dubai administration has stated that it would invest around $5.1 billion in MGM Mirage, giving the Las Vegas casino company an associate as it stretched into realty.

Gambling is prohibited in the UAE and Gulf states, comprising Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, because it contradicts Islamic Shariah law.

Indo-US Contract Cannot Be Renegotiated: Indian American Community Leaders

Washington: Indian-American community leaders, showing worries over the stand taken by the Indian political parties on the Indo-US civil nuclear deal, stated that the agreement cannot be renegotiat

There Is No Ban On Conducting Nuclear Test - Kakodkar

Atomic Energy Chairman Anil KakodkarBangalore: Anil Kakodk