Report warns of influenza outbreak during London Olympics

Report warns of influenza outbreak during London OlympicsA new report on medical health has warned that there is a high risk of an influenza outbreak in the UK during the London Olympics.

The report pointed out that the Britain is second on the list for its vulnerability to the rapid spread of an influenza outbreak. Health experts have warned that this year's summer Olympics in the British capital could further increase because an additional 5.3 million tourists will visit Britain this year.

Maplecroft, an analyst based in Bath has said that the UK is at high risk due to various reasons including densely populated cities, highly mobile population and popularity as a global travel hub. Maplecroft said that five countries are at "extreme" risk for the spread of the flu with Singapore topping followed by the UK, South Korea, the Netherlands and Germany.

The report pointed out that south east Asian region have the high risk of a new flu pandemic as six countries of the 10 countries at highest risk are located in the region. Countries including Cambodia, Bangladesh, China and Vietnam are considered to be at high risk of a new flu pandemic.

Experts said that, "There is little pre-existing natural immunity to H5N1 infection in the human population. Should the virus improve its transmissibility, the entire human population could be vulnerable to infection."

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