Royal Mail to take legal action against vicious dog owners

Royal Mail to take legal action against vicious dog ownersThe Royal Mail has said that it might take legal action against the owners of dogs that attack postal workers after a new report urged for strict legislation.

The Royal Mail said that it will pursue legal action and take action against owners of dangerous dogs and indicated that it might adopt measures like suspending deliveries to such households where dogs attack post personnel. The remarks came after details from an independent inquiry on dog attacks on postal staff were published.

The Royal Mail said that the total number of dog attacks numbered more than 3,000 in the year to April. The report said that the legal protection available to postmen and women is limited if the attack takes place on a private property.

Former High Court judge Sir Gordon Langley has recommended tougher legislation in order to enable strict legal actions against the owners of dangerous dogs. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) had earlier criticized the government for not taking enough steps to address the problem of dog attacks on postmen and women. CWU said that the report might act as a catalyst that was needed to initiate action.

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