Samsung and Apple apparently on the verge of a new battle

Samsung and Apple apparently on the verge of a new battleThe two bigwig tech companies, Samsung and Apple, which are already involved in a number of patent-infringement lawsuits all across the globe, are apparently on the verge of a new battle --- with Samsung planning the expansion of its TV commercial which takes a gibe at Apple's new iPhone 5.

According to reports, Samsung has revealed that it is working on plans to expand its iPhone 5-mocking TV commercial in Australia as well New Zealand towards the end of this month.

Going by the information shared by a Samsung spokesman, while Samsung is still finalizing the details about the ad's expansion, including when the commercial will be aired in the mentioned countries; the company also has plans underway to expand the commercial to the other Asia-Pacific markets in the coming months.

The commercial, which Samsung intends expanding, was rolled out aggressively by the company on September 20 --- one day before the official launch of the much-awaited iPhone 5 in the US.

The series of ads - which appeared on the TV and billboards, as well as in newspapers - chiefly took a swipe at the iPhone 5, by pointing out that the bigger display and the high-speed 4G network on new Apple smartphone was already available on the Samsung Galaxy S III handset, which was launched worldwide in June!