Samsung Disputes Apple’s Damages as Patent Trial Winds Down

Samsung Disputes Apple’s Damages as Patent Trial Winds DownOn Thursday, August 16, Samsung wrapped up its defense in the high-profile patent trial; with Samsung's witnesses disputing the damages which Apple claims it has suffered because of South Korean company's alleged copying of the designs of Apple's popular mobile devices.

With the patent trial winding down in U. S. District Court in San Jose, California, and jury deliberations likely to commence next week, Samsung's witnesses challenged the damages which Apple has been claiming by accusing Samsung of `slavishly' copying the designs for Apple's iPhone and iPad for its own smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, in addition to disputing Apple's damages, the Samsung witnesses also provided their own estimates of the damages which Samsung has had to suffer because of Apple's alleged infringement of certain Samsung patents.

While damages to the tune of between $2.5 billion and $2.7 billion are being sought by Apple from Samsung, Michael Wagner - who is an expert in calculating patent-infringement damages, and was called to the witness stand by Samsung on August 16 - said that if the jury's decision goes in favor of Apple, the real damages which the Cupertino-based company deserves would only be $500-$675 million --- that is, merely 20 to 25 percent of Apple's claims.

Meanwhile, another Samsung witness, David Teece, said in his testimony that Samsung could claim $290 million to $399 million in damages from Apple if the jury found Apple to be liable for violating certain Samsung patents.