‘Scaremongering’ only increases public skepticism about global warming: Expert

‘Scaremongering’ only increases public skepticism about global warming: ExpertLondon, Dec 25 : A leading global warming researcher has claimed that British Government’s ‘scaremongering’ tactics to convey environmental messages are not effective, and it is only increasing public skepticism about global warming.

Dr Lorraine Whitmarsh, who has carried out extensive research into public mistrust on the issue, said that the Government should rather incentivised low carbon lifestyles, which can save people money and have long term health benefits as well as helping slow climate change.

“The Government have tried to communicate climate change, but they haven''''t done it well. Using scare tactics such as in the latest campaign with a drowning dog helps to raise the issue, but it also suggests we are all doomed and there is nothing else we can do,” The Express quoted Dr. Whitmarsh, as saying.

“The Government isn''''t a very trusted or credible source of information for the public. Politicians need to do more to provide rewards and incentives for people who lead low carbon lives,” she added.

Dr. Whitmarsh further said that while skepticism is “healthy”, it is frustrating that many of these views are not based on the full range of information available.

“Often people are skeptical simply because it supports what they would like the case to be - or what their favourite communicator is saying. A large part of skepticism we see is down to the messages about climate change that are uncomfortable and require us to change the way we lead our lives,” Dr. Whitmarsh said.

“People don''''t necessarily relate to carbon levels so it will do no good preaching about carbon footprints. But there are lots of benefits to making day-to-day changes that are good for climate change that are nothing to do with the environment,” she added. (ANI)