Sixth Pay Commission pay scale revisionss

Indian Economy is booming and the prices have been rising for the past two years at a much faster rate. The price of Real estate is rising. A common man can’t buy a house unless he takes a huge loan. The loan he will need all his life to re-pay.

There are shopping malls coming up (which are only increasing the spending of middle income groups).

The stock markets witnessed a very fast increase in valuations in year 2007. The start of 2008 wasn’t good for Indian markets, but still many stocks are near their all time highs.

The government should revise the pay scales for Government employees with the Sixth Pay commission recommendations at the earliest. The cost of living for every household is rising with every passing day. The wages for government employees are the same.

Sixth Pay Commission has been set up to revise the pay scales for the following category of employees

(a) Central government employees – industrial and non-industrial
(b) Personnel belonging to the All India Services
(c) Personnel belonging to the Armed Forces
(d) Personnel of the Union Territories
(e) Officers and employees of the Indian Audit and Accounts Department
(f) Officers and employees of the regulatory bodies set up under Acts of Parliament.

Persons working in private companies are getting paid much more. I can agree that they work a lot and offer a good value of work for the money paid to them.

Indian government employees should be offered decent salary based on the work they are doing.

It will be good to keep the age of retirement at 58. Making it 60 isn’t a very wise decision while many government departments came up with VRS scheme recently. Chance should be given to the young generation. Most of them are only working in some private companies or have left India for better wages abroad.

The sixth pay commission may cause a big burden on government, but the employees have not seen revision for pay scales for a long time.

The address for communication for the VI pay commission is

Sixth Central Pay Commission
2nd Floor, ICADR Building ,Plot No.6, Vasant Kunj Institutional Area, Phase II New Delhi-110070.

Inquiries and suggestions can also be sent to >> PO Bag No.001, Vasant Kunj Post Office, New Delhi-110070


Expecting huge pay scale rise

All Employees are expecting a huge rise in salary in the Sixth Pay Commission 2008. I will also keep an eye on Sixth central pay commission latest news.

Please keep us updated if you have any newsabout pay scales-2008. Also share with us if you have the expected pay scale table after the revisions from Sixth Pay Commission report.



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