Soaring onion prices leave commoners across India in 'tears'

onion-pricesNew Delhi, June 30 : A major difference between wholesale and retail prices of onions is adding to the woes of commoners across India.

After rail fare hike, the hike in onion prices has once again put the NDA Government in the dock on the issue of inflation.

This is the second time within a month that the price of onions has increased.

An angry Siliguri resident P. Das said, "The price of onion has increased once again. It is becoming very difficult for the common man to survive. Modi is not doing anything for the welfare of citizens. They are just increasing prices again and again."

A shopkeeper said customers are questioning them for the hiked price.

Another onion seller from Delhi said, "The hike in onion prices has affected the onion market by around 100 rupees."

Meanwhile Congress leader Manish Tewari criticised Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for exacerbating the tears of the housewives for which they had earlier held UPA responsible.

The BJP always used to say that the policies of the UPA government have made tears roll down the eyes of the housewives; in fact those tears have been exacerbated not because of the onions which are cut in every house but because of the onion prices which are a result of the policies of the BJP.

"If they are saying that there is speculation or, there is hoarding or, profiteering, then who stops them from taking action against hoarders and profiteers. And the chimera of happy days are here again, I think they need to walk that talk and ensure that what they have promised to the people of this country, they have delivered on that."

The retail price of onions have almost been doubled the wholesale price.

Earlier the onion prices rose on June 17 to about 25-30 rupees per kilogram from 15-20 rupees.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had called upon state governments to check hoarding, while Prime Minister Modi had met ministers and senior bureaucrats to discuss strategies to bring inflation, which is at a five month high. (ANI)

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