SpaceX pushes back Rocket Launch and another Dramatic Landing Attempt to Monday

Launch of a Falcon 9 rocket with 11 Orbcomm Inc. communications satellites has been postponed to Monday night, SpaceX announced Sunday. The decision was taken after an analysis showed 10% better chance of a good landing by waiting for one day.

Before this, the launch was scheduled for Sunday. There are about 80% chances of favorable weather on Monday during one-minute launch window at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, SpaceX said.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reported on Twitter, “Analysis showed better odds on Monday of landing the Falcon 9 booster back at the Cape, which is considered a secondary, experimental mission objective”. Earlier, Musk confirmed the launch date through his Twitter account on December 19, adding that his aerospace company would also attempt a landing of the rocket’s first stage back at solid surface.

Orbcomm also released a statement on its website where it said that the launch team was taking a long time to study data from Friday's static fire test.

This is not the first time when SpaceX will try to land a rocket back on earth. Earlier this year, the company tasted failure two times when it failed to catch its rockets. Both times, the stages hit the target, but ultimately crashed. The new attempt will be about a month after Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ aerospace company which recently became the first commercial company to land a rocket on solid ground. Blue Origin’s success proved that it is possible to land a rocket successfully back on earth.