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IT Minister reiterates allocation of 3G spectrum

IT Minister reiterates allocation of 3G spectrumNew Delhi, Nov 7 : Union Minister of Communications and IT A. Raja reiterated on Friday that India will allocate spectrum for next generation wireless networks as planned earlier.

Successful bidders would be allocated the spectrum by the end of January after holding an auction, the Minister said.

The decision is likely to affect all leading telecom operators.

According to reports, India expects to earn 40-50 billion rupees in revenues annually from a higher spectrum fee to be levied on mobile telecom.

Climate change has been most significant in recent decades, says study

Climate change favors creatures with short lifespansWashington, Nov 7 : A new study has determined that while Earth experienced numerous changes in climate over the past 65 million years, recent decades have experienced the most significant climate change since the beginning of human civilized societies about 5,000 years ago.

The study was led by oceanographer Charles Greene, from Cornell University in the US.

Wireless gadgets emit too little radiation to be hazardous

Wireless gadgets emit too little radiation to be hazardousWellington, November 6 : A new study conducted by Australian researchers suggests that wireless gadgets like cordless phones and baby monitors are safe because they emit "minuscule" levels of radiation.

The researchers associated with the study came to this conclusion after testing the levels of electromagnetic waves in 20 Melbourne homes.

The research project was undertaken after some studies raised questions about health hazards.

Discarded hard drives are teeming with confidential data

Hard DriveWashington, Nov 6 : Computer hard drives— that have been disposed of or sold into the second-hand market by corporations, organizations, and individuals—still carry sensitive data that may pose a big security threat.

That’s what an ongoing research has suggested which claims that a huge amount of private data is usually left on redundant computer hard disks.

According to the authors, such data represents a significant level of risk for commercial sabotage, identity theft, and even political compromise, and suggest that better education is essential to reduce the risk of harm.

LG Electronics aims to sell 1 million monitors during current fiscal

LG Electronics aims to sell 1 million monitors during current fiscalLG Electronics, a global leader and technology innovator in consumer electronics, is looking at selling one million monitors during this fiscal. 
The company is targeting to sell one million monitors (both CRT and LCD) in 2008-09, of which 6.5 lakh are in the LCD space and 3.5 lakh will be CRT monitors.

LG Electronics, a major player in the global flat panel display, has recently entered into the B2B space for corporate and enterprise customers to increase sales. 

Yahoo, Google scale back scope of their ad deal

Google & YahooIn a last-ditch effort to win US antitrust approval, Yahoo Inc and Google Inc have drastically scaled back the scope of their search advertising deal, calls for Google to place ads next to some Web search results on Yahoo, lifting Yahoo's revenue.

The companies had said in June that the search ad deal was expected to boost Yahoo's cash flow by up to $450 million in the first year.