Three More Women accuse Bill Cosby of Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

With every passing day, things are becoming more troublesome for American stand-up comedian Bill Cosby. On Wednesday, three more women came forward to accuse the 78-year-old actor of sexual misconduct. The allegations show how Cosby abused his power by assaulting a number of women.

One woman, who has accused the comedian of sexually inappropriate behavior, worked as a cocktail server at a jazz club in Redondo Beach in the 1970s. According to the woman, Cosby stole her undergarments after drugging her. She also said that the comedian assaulted her in a car when she was unconscious.

Another woman, who accused Cosby with same allegations, was a former model and actress. She appeared on 'The Cosby Show' as an extra. According to the lady, the comedian threatened her and said she has to sleep with him if she wants to work in entertainment industry.

The three women, who have recently come forward to speak against Cosby, said other women's allegations encouraged them to come forward after a long time and reveal the true side of Cosby. Sharon Van Ert, the victim woman and former cocktail waitress at a jazz club in Redondo Beach, said, "After 35 years of living with these shameful memories in secret, I was finally encouraged by all other women who have recently told their stories".

Till now, over 40 ladies have come forward against Cosby and accused him of sexual misconduct over the last four decades. Representatives of the comedian did not comment on the latest claims.