UK Hindus express outrage over slaughter of a cow in ISKCON temple

ISKCON TempleLondon, Dec. 14: The Hindu community here, has raised a stink over the slaughter of a sacred cow at a prominent Hare Krishna temple in Hertfordshire.

The cow, named Gangotri, was killed by lethal injection at the Bhaktivedanta Manor in Hertfordshire which was donated in 1973 by ex-Beatle George Harrison.

According to The Sun, it had been suffering from a muscle wasting disease and was unable to walk.

Cows are sacred to Hindus and the killing of one is considered sacrilege.

Gauri Das, the president of the Manor, said reform is needed to ensure respect for the religious convictions of Hindus.

Das said the farm was assured by the RSPCA and the police that no immediate action would be taken, giving them time to mount a legal challenge.

"This is shocking and duplicitous behaviour. We have been deceived by those who had given us their word, " he added.

He claimed police bundled away monks attending to the cow in a barn and that the head farmer was kept talking while the injection was administered.

Das said national Hindu organisations would be taking the incident up "at every level" and called for a change in the law so Hindus can allow their animals to die natural deaths.

However, sources said the Animal Health Agency was in contact with the community for some time, advising that the animal was suffering unnecessary pain and that legislation required it be put down. (ANI)

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