US worried about nuclear liability

Robert O BlakeUS companies want to contribute through business of Indian nuclear arena and the Obama administration is trying to encourage a scenario where such a thing can be developed.

As per the views of industry related people and experts of US, the legislation that has been passed by both the Houses of Parliament in India as well as houses in US, is under risk if at all an accident in case of supply of raw material happens. Suppliers and technology if deter from participation will also impact the whole nuclear liability of India.

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Robert O. Blake said, "We continue to encourage the Indian government to provide domestic and international suppliers, including, of course, American suppliers, the opportunity to help India to meet its ambitious nuclear power generation goals."

Also there is rising concerns that many of the provisions of the legislation is not in accordance with the international standards. Blake, however, is hopeful that the two governments can sit together and can find out an amicable solution.

The N-issue is also being raised during the ongoing meetings of the foreign ministry officials of both the nations.

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