After black, now there's a 'red burger' by Japanese Burger King

Washington, June 18 : As if black wasn't a bit weird enough, Burger King Japan is now introducing a new burger in bright red color.

Called "Aka Samurai Chicken," the sandwich has red buns, bright red cheese and a red sauce made from miso and hot pepper, and will be launched on July 3, priced at 4.40 dollars, reported E! Online.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the food chain had used tomato powder in its buns and cheese to give the bright red color.

They are also offering an Aka Samurai Beef burger.

Burger King U.S. congratulated Japan on the innovation writing "Now that is a pretty, pretty burger."

However, customer reactions were a bit mixed up as while some found it "gross," others said "When are they bringing these to America I need pretty pattys in my life." (ANI)

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