Ashley Dupre Becomes Overnight Celebrity Banging Spitzer!

Ashley Alexandra Dupre picShe’s become an overnight affluent celebrity banging a celebrated governor. Yes, Spitzer’s high-priced call girl, Ashley Alexandra Dupre, has become an overnight superstar and budding millionaire, after the former New York Governor’s sex scandal came into light.(Ashley Alexandra Dupre Pictures)

Ashley Dupre, an aspiring singer, has already earned over a million dollars from the Internet downloads of her two songs. She’s literally wallowing in wealth. Since she’s been identified as the high-priced prostitute that slept with Spitzer at a Washington Hotel, Ashley Alexandra Dupre has made nearly $200,000 on music downloads.

According to Internet Reports, over 2 million people have already downloaded Ashley Dupre songs "Move Ya Body" and "What We Want", since she became world famous as Spitzer’s high-priced lady of pleasure. Her first song was at # 3 on the site's ( "buzzing" list, and her second song was # 5 on the most popular list on Friday. Ashley Dupre gets 70 percent of the 98-cent cost of each song.

Ashley Alexandra Dupre has become one of the most sought after celebrities on Internet. People are hotly searching from Ashley Alexandra Dupre pictures, Ashley Dupre nude pictures, Ashley Alexandra Dupre myspace pics, and hot Ashley Dupre pictures. According to the website's online counters, Ashley Alexandra Dupre pic that appeared with caption "what destroys me strengthens me" had had seven million hits. Her song "What We want" had been listened to three million times. She had over 2,000 "friends" on the site, and many had left messages of support and congratulations.

According to the US Media Reports, Ashley Dupre has been getting offers to pose naked for magazines such as Penthouse and Hustler. Hustler has reportedly offered her $1 million to do a trashy spread in their magazine, and Penthouse has similar offer for Spitzer’s "Kristen". Hot news is around that she might do a sex tape too.

"She'll probably take that opportunity, especially because she wants to have a music career," said Jean M. Twenge, author of "Generation Me", in the online magazine amNewYork. (Ashley Alexandra Dupre Photos)

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