BMW utilizing automobile technology to improve US swimmers’ form and technique

BMW utilizing automobile technology to improve US swimmers’ form and techniqueWashington, Aug 4: German auto company BMW is utilizing its knowledge about automobiles in order to help US swimmers improve their form and technique.

BMW is the Official Mobility Partner of the United States Olympic Committee, and they announced a first-of-its-kind motion tracking system capable of analyzing a swimmer’s form and technique in order to help the athlete improve.

The system combines high-tech underwater cameras with BMW automotive technology to give coaches information that helps swimmers make faster starts and turns.

Developed at the BMW Group Technology Office in Mountain View, California, the technology analyzes a swimmer’s dolphin kick and sends performance data to coaches.

The software tracks six points on the swimmer’s body wrists, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles and toes, allowing coaches to pinpoint the performance attributes of specific parts of the body, as well as to examine how well all parts are working.

By comparing measurements to performance over time, coaches will be able to use BMW’s motion tracking tool to hone in on technique adjustments that work best for each individual swimmer’s body characteristics.

“Watching our best swimmers, it’s clear that the dolphin kick is a very powerful stroke that is critical to overall performance in a race,” The New York Daily News quoted Russell Mark, National Team High Performance Consultant to USA Swimming, as saying..

“However, one challenge our coaches face is the lack of a clear understanding as to which movements and technique promote the strongest dolphin kicks. This tool will help us identify and teach those ingredients,” he added.

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