Donald Trump wins Florida, North Carolina and Ohio

New York [United States], Nov. 9 : Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump has been declared the victor in Florida, earning him the state's 29 electoral votes and giving him a more certain grip on the presidential contest with democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump who ran an improbable and often ugly campaign against the establishment, is holding on to small but significant leads in a series of key battleground states, upending months of polling that had given the advantage to Hillary Clinton and raising Republican hopes of seizing back the White House, reports the New York Times.

Meanwhile, markets went haywire across the globe with the prospect of a Trump presidency.

Stocks in Tokyo, Hong Kong and other major markets were down by as much as 2 percent as of late morning, after Japanese shares reversed earlier gains.

Stock market futures pointed to a sell-off looming on Wall Street, with Dow Jones index futures trading about 2.5 percent lower.

The Indian market opened in the red as sensex went down over 1000 points.

Several hours after polls were closed, the vote margins remained remained razor thin between Trump and Clinton in states that will determine the outcome of the presidential election.

However, Democrats hope that Clinton would easily be able to defeat Trump appears to be tumbling as the Republican candidate's bombastic style seemed to be winning support amongst white, working-class and rural voters across the country.

The Republican candidate has also won North Carolina and Ohio, and he was leading in Michigan and Wisconsin.

Following Trump's win in North Carolina and Florida, he will have to win one of three battleground states Michigan, Wisconsin or Pennsylvania so that he wins he election.

His power amongst the white working-class voters makes that a real possibility. (ANI)

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