Eva Mendes Goes Naked In Calvin Klein’s Commercial For Secret Obsession

Eva Mendes Goes Naked In Calvin Klein’s Commercial For Secret ObsessionCalvin Klein commercial for the new fragrance, in which actress Eva Mendes is featured topless flashing her nipples, has been banned in the United States, after the advertisement was found too raunchy for television networks. Now, available online on Calvin Klein's website, the commercial was composed for the Calvin Klein’s new perfume “Secret Obsession”.

The 30-second advertisement features the sexy actress Mendes, who has also posed naked for PETA and who starred in the movie ‘We Own the Night’ that shows her naked except for a sheet around her waist. In the commercial, Mendes caresses herself and rolls around on a bed, giving the audiences a brief glimpse of her left nipple.

Finding the commercial too racy, the U.S. television networks refused to air the commercial.

Commenting on the commercial, Calvin Klein president Tom Murray said, “The ban was not entirely a surprise for the US market.” "We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession. ...we are anticipating a very successful global launch,” he said.

Seeing the reaction, Calvin Klein redid the commercial so that it could be aired on TV after 9 p.m. for the holiday season. The edited version of the advertisement will be aired on some pay television in the US.

The company, however, didn’t throw the original version of the commercial as trash. The original advertisement, which is available on the CK website, has already become an online hit, with Calvin Klein's server on Tuesday buckling under the pressure of so many hits.

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