How billionaire Trump ‘bullies residents coming in way of his dream golf resort

How billionaire Trump ‘bullies residents coming in way of his dream golf resortWashington, June 4 : One of the residents living on the edge of Donald Trump''s 750 million pounds golf resort has alleged that the US billionaire's organisation is trying to "intimidate and bully" him by putting up a fence around his house and then billing him for it.

David Milne, whose home at Hermit Point on the Menie estate is near the site planned for the resort''s luxury hotel development, has been having a dispute with Trump after he refused to sell his home to the Trump Organisation.

The 46-year-old health and safety adviser accused Trump of setting up boundaries between the two properties, and ordering his team to put up a fence without warning him.

He then sent him an invoice demanding Milne pay 2,820 pounds, half of the total bill of 5,640 pounds.

"I''m just ignoring the demand. There is no way I''m going to pay it. As far as I''m concerned it''s just another attempt to intimidate and bully me. But it''s not going to work. I''m not paying any attention to it at all," the Scotsman quoted Milne, as saying.

Milne has been reportedly living at Hermit Point with his wife for almost 20 years.

Trump was filmed calling the house "ugly" and saying he wanted to get rid of it. The couple, however, kept on refusing to sell the property because they did not want to leave the area.

Milne has accused Trump of trying to harass and bully him, claiming that a huge mound of earth was piled up behind his property by Trump's Organisation in the recent incident.

They have also reportedly planted trees in the area, to which Milne expressed his anger saying: "I could not believe it when the bill arrived. I priced the materials myself and I could put up the whole fence on my own for about 800 pounds. The trees are sitting at funny angles and the fence has taken a bit of a battering." (ANI)

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