Now, pay extra to make Uber wait

New York, June 8 : American multinational online transportation network company Uber has rolled out a new rule by which they would be charging passengers if they are unable to arrive within two min

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Uber to pay USD 2,25,000 as settlement in lawsuit

New York, May 1 : American multinational online transportation network company Uber has agreed to pay USD 2,25,000 over three years to the National Federation of the Blind to settle a lawsuit alleging discrimination against blind riders.

The settlement also requires Uber to notify drivers that they must provide transport to customers with service animals (a dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability), the Verge quoted the company as saying in a statement.

The National Federation of the Blind will also have to take the blind customers to test rides to ensure the settlement is being followed.

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Uber unveils 800 number for emergencies

New York, Mar.11 - American multinational online transportation network company Uber has unveiled a phone number for passengers and drivers to get in touch with the company in case of an emergency.

The move comes after Uber faced questions about a panic button in the wake of a deadly shooting in Kalamazoo, Michigan by an Uber driver last month, the Verge has reported.

"In the United States, 911 is the panic button and it's the panic button that we want people to use. It's the panic button that law enforcement wants people to use. And we don't want to try and replace that," said Joe Sullivan, Uber's head of security.

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Uber acquires assets of Microsoft Bing's Mapping tech

Washington, June 30 : Uber has announced that it is acquiring assets from Microsoft Bing, including around 100 data-collection engineers focused on the Bings's image collection activities.

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Uber tells passengers, drivers to ride without arms or not ride at all

Washington, June 21 - Uber has reportedly revised its rules to prohibit passengers and drivers from carrying firearms while using the service.

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Uber threatens to sack drivers attending China taxi protests

Washington, June 15 : Uber has reportedly warned its drivers against participating in taxi protests in the city of Hangzhou in east China or risk having their contracts cancelled.

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Now, Uber using videogame route to attract prospective drivers

Washington, June 12 : Private taxi cab firm Uber believes that a videogame can convince someone to become one of its drivers.

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Uber poaches head of US's biggest tech lobby from Google

Washington, May 14 : Uber has reportedly roped in Rachel Whetstone, the veteran head of Google's public policy and communications unit, as its new SVP of policy and communications in a bid to help it navigate the choppy waters ahead as it faces a slew of legal cases in myriad countries around the globe.

Whetstone will replace another big name, former Obama advisor David Plouffe, who joined Uber last year. Plouffe will now move on to become a chief advisor and board member, reported The Verge.

The former Google public policy and communications head has previously worked on the tech giant's issues with the EU and FTC in the United States.

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Uber picks Indian city of Hyderabad to begin testing cash payment

Washington, May 13 - India is set to be the first country across the globe where Uber will begin testing cash payment system as the firm announced its decision to roll out the initiative on an experimental basis in the Indian city of Hyderabad.

A blog post published by the company said that the decision was aimed at testing the payment system in a part of the world where many consumers prefer to pay for services in cash, reported The Verge.

Siddharth Shanker, GM of Uber Hyderabad, said in an email statement that cash played "a big role" for Indian consumers and as a data-driven company that has witnessed strong growth in India, Uber thought time was ripe to "explore the extent of this predisposition."

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Google Venture's Bill Maris says Uber fastest growing company his team has ever seen

Washington, May 06 : Google Venture's Bill Maris has said that Uber is the fastest-growing company that his team has ever seen and invested in.

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Uber's updated 'panic button' will send live GPS updates to police in India

Washington, May 01 : A month after adding a panic button to its app in India following the rape of a female passenger last year, Uber has now announced that it will start improving the button in a

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Uber asks woman to pay $12,000 for 35-minute cab ride in New York

New York, April 23 : A Brooklyn finance worker was reportedly asked to pay 12,000 dollars by Uber for a 35-minute ride from Williamsburg to Midtown.

Jaime Hessel, 32, said that she used the app to hire a taxi on March 28 expecting a routine trip from Leonard and Scholes streets in East Williamsburg to East 50th Street in Midtown , where she had to attend a cancer fundraising event, reported dnainfo.com.

However, the taxi driver suddenly started taking phone calls and checking his voicemails as soon as they got to Meeker Avenue. After missing several turns and taking the longer route, when Hessel finally reached her destination, she was given a 56.40 dollar bill.

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Uber will operate in Portland, Oregon 'without fear of legal action' for next 4 months

Washington, April 23 : Uber will now be able to operate in Portland, Oregon without the fear of being dragged into yet another legal tussle for the next four months at least, thanks to a decision taken by the City's Council.

The council has narrowly approved a pilot program that will allow for-hire car services to operate on Portland's streets for the next 120 days, as long as they adhere to certain guidelines, reported The Verge.

Some of these requirements include, background checks for drivers, liability insurance for drivers, 24/7 operation, and "service performance measures" to pick up disabled passengers. The controversial proposal will also allow local cab companies to adjust their own fares without regulation in order to match variable, on-demand pricing.

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Chicago court drops 'sexual assault charges' against Uber driver

Washington, April 7 : Sexual assault charges against an Uber driver in Chicago have been dropped after a recording of the driver's conversation with the female passenger, who he was believed to have assaulted sexually, was obtained.

After having spent the last four months behind bars, driver Maxime Fohounhedo was finally released from jail on Monday as Cook County prosecutors told the court that there was new evidence in his case, reported CBS News.

Fohounhedo was taken into custody and charged in December after a 22-year-old female passenger alleged that she had been attacked the previous month after being picked up from a bar.

However, a nine-minute recording made by the Uber driver on his cellphone while he drove the woman to her home proved that he was innocent.

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Uber to reportedly pay 100 to 200 Euros as govt fees for driver's license in Germany

Washington, March 29 - Uber will reportedly pay the government fees of 100 to 200 Euros in Germany to obtain a commercial driver's license, said Uber's German chief, Fabien Nestmann.

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