Jackie Kennedy’s ‘JFK assassination day’ pillbox hat missing

Jackie Kennedy’s ‘JFK assassination day’ pillbox hat missingWashington, Jan 28: Jackie Kennedy was dressed in a pink wool boucle suit and matching pillbox hat the day her husband was assassinated, and though the suit is now stored at the National Archives and Records Administration''s complex, the pillbox hat is missing.

According to the LA times, Kennedy historians were surprised to hear about the missing hat and suspected that "it was sold to a private collector, or stuck away in somebody''s attic, lost to the nation, a hole in history," reports the Politico.

The Times noted that while "The pink suit, blood-stained and perfectly preserved in a vault in Maryland, is banned from public display for 100 years" (an agreement between Caroline Kennedy and the National Archives that will be renegotiated with the family in 2013), that hat is nowhere to be found.

The paper points out that it was last known to be in the possession of Jackie''s personal secretary, Mary Gallagher.

She was contacted but had no interest in discussing the hat, simply saying, "I don''t accept these kinds of calls. Over the years they''ve just been enough so that I''ve had to draw the line. ... I''m sorry. I can''t help you any further." (ANI)

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