Legislators Announce Compensation Package For Minneapolis Bridge Collapse Victims

minneapolis_bridge_collapseThe legislators from Minnesota announced yesterday announced that they had reached on an agreement on a $38 million compensation package for victims of a deadly bridge collapse, which occurred last August in Minneapolis, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

In a joint committee of the House and Senate, it was decided that everyone who suffered due to bridge collapse will get up to $400,000. The committee also decided to set up an additional fund of $12.6 million for the people who suffered the most severe injuries and losses.

The package is expected to be approved by the Legislature on Monday. It is sent off to Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who assured that he would sign it into law. He called it much "needed relief and support" for victims.

The Interstate 35W highway bridge over the Mississippi River fell unexpectedly last August 1 while it was undergoing repairs. Subsequent investigations revealed that there was a design flaw in the plates used to tie the bridge’s beams together.

The negotiations on the compensation fund had been going on, and the compensation package was finalized on Friday. The people who accept compensation from the state would give up the right to sue for damages.

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